I’ll take a fun combo beat-em-up the likes of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta any day of the week. So, when I heard about Fallen Angel coming Kickstarter, I knew it would be right up our alley over here at DFAT. Check out the trailer below and get your hands on that demo!

Step into the Hooves of Lucifer in this 2D pixel art hack’n’slash RPG

Matrioshka Games has launched Fallen Angel with a new public demo as part of their Kickstarter campaign. Now players can download and try out the game for free. The game is available on ITCH and GAMEJOLT. Fans can find the links here:

Bringing back that 2D magic, Fallen Angel puts players into the heavens as Lucifer who is seeking payback for being expelled. The seven levels have unique bosses and an in-depth story of revenge. Harness some diabolic powers and fight through the gates in top action combat scenarios.

The public demo will be updated on October 30th with a new level and an additional boss fight. Matrioshka have launched the Fallen Angel demo to gain feedback from players. Try out the game and join the Discord to chat with developers.

Lucifer’s unholy rage cannot be contained by the seals of heaven. Angels attack at every turn and through a core set of skills, buffs, and ariel assaults, Lucifer must win revenge. Inspired by games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry,Fallen Angel is packed with a ton of combos while still keeping the classic 2D art style.

Here are some of the core features to try in the demo:


  • Explore the seven realms of heaven, each with a unique theme and setting. Jump and glide through these levels in any order you wish, and find waypoints to save your progress.
  • Smooth and responsive hack and slash gameplay accompanied by an array of abilities. Shoot, slash, dash, and smash your way through heaven.
  • Knock enemies into the air to juggle them
  • Counter enemies with a perfect parry to stun and execute them.
  • Unlock new weapons and abilities by defeating Archangels and consuming their soul
  • Find skill points by exploring the world and defeating powerful enemies to upgrade your abilities within an epic skill tree. Perfect your playstyle by mixing and matching traits to your liking.
  • Converse with fully voice-acted Archangels and NPCs to learn about the mysteries of heaven.
  • Equip items that add special effects to certain abilities.
  • Discover hidden areas by ledge grabbing and climbing.
  • You can even play with a friend in two-player local co-op!