ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT follows Jim Kowalski, a truck driver for the Illuminati Transport. He’s not just any truck drivers. He’s a transporter of unearthly and out-of-this-world paraphernalia and beings. Traveling across America’s vast highways is his dog Geech and crystal skull of doom Rico. But, what happens when one day whatever it is gets out in the middle of the drive!? What could Kowalski possibly do?! The fate of the world is in the hands of a truck driver now! Que diablos!

Intrigued? Preview the ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT Kickstarter page before the launch here.

The Kickstarter offers rewards to help get this spooky, road tripping story to print that including:

  • the Kickstarter exclusive edition of the ILLUMINAT TRANSPORT trade paperback that will be signed by the Fillbach Brothers
  • the standard edition of ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT
  • glow-in-the-dark t-shirts featuring Rico the crystal skull of doom and Illuminati Transport official trucking company logo
  • commissions by the Fillbachs
  • and more!