Do you remember the adventure you had roaming the open world of Shadow of the Colossus and how epic it was when you finally located one of the HUGE bosses and had to find a way to take it down? Well No Matter Studios is running a Kickstarter right now for their homage game, Prey for the Gods. The good news is that this project is funded. The BETTER news is that you can still jump on board and help them reach some stretch goals that will make the game even more awesome.

I feel personally that this team wants their project to take flight for the fans and for the love of making the game. One of their first moves to make it a reality was to make the game available on consoles (PS4 & XBOX One), which was originally a stretch goal! So you can see that they would rather make people happy then try and just scrape as much money out of your wallet as possible. Now there are two ways that you can donate, first is the Kickstarter which you can find here. The second is through Paypal which you can donate via their Humble Widget.

What do you think Towelites? IS this the game you have been waiting for since you fought that last boss in Shadow of the Colossus? Are you ready to trudge through the snowy landscape of this unforgiving world? If you are there’re four days to go for the campaign so throw them some money, get on board and get ready to scale some titanic monsters!