The next chapter in Kyle B. Stiff’s epic story Heavy Metal Thunder, Slaughter at Masada is looking for some help from you the fan to fund some of the peripheral components of the game. Cubus Games has a Kickstarter currently running and only has four days left to go!

If you are a fan of “gamebooks” then we think that you’ll love the Heavy Metal Thunder series. Check out our review of the exciting first chapter here. Here’s a quick rundown of what the latest chapter is about and you can check out the campaign on Kickstarter here.

Slaughter at Masada takes place on Mars, a brutal warzone where three sides are vying for dominance. Masada has been under siege for three years, and to overcome despair the people trapped in Mount Olympus have embraced a deadly philosophy of WAR FOR THE SAKE OF WAR. They are surrounded by Invader berserkers – criminal psychopaths too dangerous to be trusted inside spaceships. And now the Black Lance Legion has arrived to break the siege and recruit the fighters of Masada – even against their will, if necessary.