Philip Read has been releasing some great literature on all of our favorite toys from our childhood. His latest Kickstarter book deals with the carrying cases that we used to bring them to our friend’s house in, it’s called Action Figure Carrying Cases, A Photographic Overview. From the basic case to ones that could be turned into amazing playsets and accessories for your toys, there were many to choose from. So if you are interested learning more about this side of the collector market then head on over to the official page.

From the author…philip_reed_action_cases

Since 2012, and thanks to the support of readers of, I’ve published seven different hardcover books about toys. These have ranged from close looks at third-party Transformers toys to action figure marketing in the eighties, and every time I’ve sat down to craft these books I’ve enjoyed the support of readers and toy fans like you.
Today, I’m ready to complete my eighth toy guide project. This time around I’ve gone into some unusual weeds, taking a seemingly harmless question — “Are you writing a book about action figure carrying cases?” — and amassing a collection of over 60 action figure carrying cases from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. That’s right, kids, today we fly our toy geek flag and embrace a book dedicated to action figure carrying cases.

As of today the Kickstarter has 10 days to go and is nearing it’s goal but still needs some more funding! So if you enjoy supporting the arts and educating yourself on this hobby get on board with this project! Tune in soon as we will be hosting a giveaway for his previous two books based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe action figures from the 90’s!