In the world of Crowd$ourcery, there’s a lot of projects out there and it’s hard to know exactly which one is gonna be worth throwing your hard-earned duckets at, but fret not our faithful Towelites. We’re here to guide you through the valley of truly independent projects and one such goes by the name of Victim No More – A 40th Anniversary Friday the 13th Fan Film. The fan film is being produced/created/directed by Bobby Heckman and shot by Sean Q. King.

The synopsis is below:

“Robby is a young man whose family members are surviving victims of legendary serial killer Jason Voorhees. He sets out to prove to his loved ones that Voorhees is dead, and that the infamous Crystal Lake campgrounds are now safe.  Will Robby find peace of mind for himself and his family, or will he regret uncovering a truth he never expected to find?”

In addition to a sweet-ass movie, you’ll also get a chance to get your hands on some awesome swag including: Blu-rays, Hats, T-shirts, a chance to BE in the movie, and so much more! Head on over to their IndieGoGo page HERE, to get in on a slasher film that YOU help bring to life….or death, depending on your point of view.