Marvel has released two more teasers for their mother of all events, House of M and Infinity Gauntlet. Both featuring characters from other times as seen in House of M‘s tattoo’d Hulk, Magneto with his stark white locks, Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man’s House of M outfit and Wolverine actually breathing.

House of M

With Infinity Gauntlet we see a myriad of different Novas, seemingly as a family.

Infinity Guantlet

With all the multiple characters featured on theses recenty teasers as well as characters in their garb from times past, It’s interesting to speculate what this means for the universe and time structure of the Marvel Universe.

More interesting is how Marvel is going to release all of these series as smaller tie-ins to the big event, potentially Secret Wars, or are they all going to be touched on in the main event? Either way Summer of 2015 is looking to be a very intense time for comic book readers.

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