As a long time fan of the Child’s Play series, I have to say that the last film, Curse of Chucky, was one of my favorites of the series. In fact, it’s a pretty hard debate between Part 2 and Bride as to which is the at the top. When creator/director Don Mancini announced Cult of Chucky, I wanted it to be there YESTERDAY but it instead looks like we’ll be getting it later this year.

I’m not really sure why these last two films are not going to theaters, especially since they look amazing. For their almost no budget, I can’t see there being a big studio risk and a ton of reward. I’ll Blumhouse on the phone and make this happen, in the meantime, check out this new trailer.

Curse of Chucky is directed by Don Mancini and stars Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly. The film is due out this October on Blu-ray and digital.