Hey Towelites, it’s Wednesday once again! AND that means we get a bunch of new titles to pick up and satisfy our Geekly comic book cravings!

The end of Kick-Ass! The Superior Spider returns! There’s still trouble in Little China! The Guardians of the Galaxy continue to rule the universe! AND MORE!!!!!

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 Featured Book of the Week

Kick Ass 3 8Kick-ass 3 <#8 of 8>: Marvel Comics: The epic series finale is here! Kick-Ass 3 dons the costume one last time…will he be going to his death or a triumphant ride into the sunset? And has months in lock-up dulled Hit-Girl’s death-dealing reflexes just when she needs them the most? This milestone double-sized issue marks the end of one era and the start of a new Millarworld universe. Must not miss!


Batman 66 Green Hornet 3Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet <#3 of 6>
: DC Comics/Dynamite Entertainment: Robin and Kato…hostages of The Joker and General Gumm?! Even worse, the kidnapped crime fighters are forced into a battle to the death by the Dastardly Duo. With their purloined partners in peril, Batman and the Green Hornet have no choice but to work together. Will they be able to track down the hidden location of the captives’ cage match before either of their partners goes down for the count?


Batman Eternal #18: DC Comics: Batgirl, Batwoman and Jason Todd race to find evidence that may save Commissioner Gordon!


Big Trouble In Little China #3: Boom! Studios: Charging down the Black Road of Hell in the Pork Chop Express, Egg, Pete and ol’ Jack Burton are facing off against the mythical past of China. Demon thugs and the bulbous Seven-Faced Widow may stand in their way, but you know what ol’ Jack Burton says at a time like this? ‘Have ya paid your dues, Jack?’ ‘Yessir, the check is in the mail.’


Grayson 2Grayson #2: DC Comics: Grayson digs deeper into the mysterious organization known as SPYRAL and learns more about his new partner – Helena Bertinelli!


Green Arrow #34: DC Comics: If Oliver Queen is to survive, he must face not only his past sins but also his current ones, symbolized by Richard Dragon and his Longbow Hunters!


Kick-ass 3 <#8 of 8>
: Marvel Comics: Classified!! Q: What’s the problem with stealing a Badoon ship? A: It’s a Badoon ship. Corsair and Cyclops experience engine trouble, shipwreck, and have the nice father-son chat they’ve both been avoiding, as Rucka and Dauterman continue the smash hit of 2014!



Legandary Star Lord 2Legendary Star Lord #2: Marvel Comics: Peter’s captured by a bounty hunter-who may have a strange connection to his past! Can Peter and the bounty hunter make amends before he’s fed to a giant alien? And who is the mysterious Mr. Knife–and why is he so interested in Star-Lord?


Miracleman #9: Marvel Comics: The battle with Gargunza has ended. The birth of Miracleman and Liz Moran’s baby! And a shocking surprise ending in this groundbreaking issue!


New Avengers #22: Marvel Comics: ‘THIS IS THE VERY END…’ The Illuminati shatters under an exploding planet.



Rocket Raccoon 2Rocket Raccoon #2: Marvel Comics: FRAMED. The most notorious Raccoon in the galaxy has been arrested and falsely accused of murder! The real killer? An imposter procyon that seems to be one step ahead of Rocket at every turn. Now, it’s up to Rocket and a certain someone from Planet X to find the truth!


Star Mage <#5 of 6>: IDW Publishing: The Ghosts of the Past: Orasmas’ terrible new weapon forces Arylos to make a tremendous sacrifice. Darien learns of the horrors in the Sarru Kishpu’s past and Orasmas’ wicked plan to destroy the empire.


Superior Spider-Man #32: Marvel Comics: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN KICKS OFF THE EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE! Extra-sized monumental issue, including a story drawn by living legend ADAM KUBERT (ORIGIN 2, AVX)! How is the Superior Spider-Man still around? Where is he? What is he doing? The road to SPIDER-VERSE STARTS HERE!


Hope that satisfied your comic book cravings!


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