Hey Towelites, it’s Wednesday once again! AND that means we get a bunch of new titles to pick up and satisfy our Geekly comic book cravings!

The AWESOME Star Wars comic from Brian Wood comes to an end this week, basically marking the end of the epic run of the franchise at Dark Horse! Mark Millar’s Starlight continues, Peter David goes back to the future, Batman comes back to the present, and two classic TMNT villains meet for the first time!! All that and MORE!!!

So let’s find out what’s going on over at Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse, Zenoscope, Image, Dynamite, and more!! Check out TFAW for the latest titles, popular back-books, preorders and more!


 Featured Book of the Week

Star Wars 20Star Wars #20: Dark Horse: Leia risks it all for a friend she hasn’t seen since childhood! Han, Luke, and Chewie risk it all for Leia! Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda say farewell to that galaxy far, far away before they send our heroes to an unknown fate!



Batman 34Batman #34: DC Comics: ZERO YEAR is over, and the events of BATMAN: ETERNAL have put Gotham City in a tailspin, but Batman is focused on finding a killer who has haunted his hometown in secret for years. This special issue features art by Matteo Scalera (DEADPOOL, Black Science) and sets the stage for the next major Batman story in the fall.


Batman Eternal #19: DC Comics: Jason Bard and Batman are forced to help Killer Croc when his followers are attacked by demonic monsters from The Black Maze!


Fantastic Four #8: Marvel Comics: ORIGINAL SIN TIE-IN! BEN GRIMM: MURDERER?!


Godzilla Cataclysm <#1 of 5>
: IDW Publishing: Years have passed since the monster apocalypse nearly destroyed mankind. Now it is merely a distant, nightmarish memory for Hiroshi, an elder in one of the few remaining tribes of humans. Little does Hiroshi know that the apocalypse is not over, and that his memories of the past may yet save the future!


Inhuman 3Inhuman #3: Marvel Comics: The first arc of Inhuman climaxes in the battle of Medusa vs. Lash! Uncover the secret history of an ancient branch of Inhumans! A new Inhuman named Flint sees his world fall apart before his eyes!


Maxx Maxximized #10: IDW Publishing: Fairy Tale: As Julie is spring cleaning, Mr. Gone entertains us with a little child-like tale of Julie’s traumatic up-bringing, and the little sickly rabbit that scrape, scrape, scrapes, which she keeps hidden under her bed. She learns lessons from her absentee father’s denial, and her mother’s unflinching willingness to face things that Julie (and Maxx) would rather avoid all together.

Nightcrawler #5
: Marvel Comics: Who knew the life of a high school teacher isn’t as glamorous as it’s made out to be? Struggling to adjust to everyday life back at the Jean Grey School, Nightcrawler turns to his fellow X-Men for inspiration. But when it comes to life with the X-Men, inspiration may just come from the unlikeliest of places!


Original Sin 7Original Sin <#7 of 8>: Marvel Comics: The LAST BATTLEGROUND!


Sherwood Tx <#2 of 5>: 12 Gauge Comics: Rob Hood, shot and left for dead by members of the Nobles Motorcycle Club, has miraculously survived. After a year in hiding, Hood assumes the identity of a mysterious new member of the Jesters MC known only as ‘Loxley.’ As ‘Bike Week’ begins in Nottingham, Texas, the disguised Hood puts his plans for revenge into motion. Don’t miss the second installment of this bold reimagining of the Robin Hood legend!


Spider-Man 2099 #2: Marvel Comics: Life’s not easy when you’re a Spider-Man from the year 2099 stuck in our present. But what’s the bigger danger: bank robbers, or beautiful women? Peter David’s triumphant return to the character he created continues!


Starlight 5Starlight #5: Image Comics: Duke and Space-Boy are hiding out in the jungles of Tantalus with the rebels, under the command of Tilda Starr, the former head of the Queen’s Imperial Guard. Their aim: to retake the capital and free the people from the Brotean invaders! But their numbers are tiny, their hope is running low, and new secrets are coming out about the tragedies of Space-Boy’s past.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #37: IDW Publishing: From the start, two villains have dominated the Turtles’ lives: Shredder and Krang. Now, for the first time, they come face-to-face with each other in the present day! Will they be able to overcome their differences and join forces? It’s a very special stand-alone issue that guarantees some major surprises!


Transformers Primacy #1: IDW Publishing: THE WAR FOR CYBERTRON! Optimus Prime versus Megatron. Autobots versus Decepticons. At the dawn of the conflict, battle lines are drawn and sides are set… now legends will be made. The war that would define a planet begins in earnest-and its revelations will shake the TRANSFORMERS’ world to the core!


Walking Dead #130: Image Comics: ‘There were whispers and I was afraid.’



Hope that satisfied your comic book cravings!




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