Hey Towelites, it’s Wednesday once again! AND that means we get a bunch of new titles to pick up and satisfy our Geekly comic book cravings!

Dark Horse’s MASSIVE Fire and Stone crossover continues this week as the first Aliens comic (in a long time) arrives, The Future’s End continues (are you really spending that much money?), IDW ends its run on Ghostbusters (I betchya there’s gonna be a all female team comic soon), and we take a trip back to the dangerous territory known as Sherwood, TX.

So let’s find out what’s going on over at Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse, Zenoscope, Image, Dynamite, and more!! Check out TFAW for the latest titles, popular back-books, preorders and more!


 Featured Book of the Week

Aliens 1Aliens: Fire and Stone #1: Dark Horse: During a vicious xenomorph outbreak, terraforming engineer Derrick Russell leads a desperate group of survivors onto a rickety mining vessel. They hope to escape the creatures overrunning their colony-but they’ll face horrors both in space and on the strange planet they crash on. Ties in with the Prometheus and Aliens films!

* First issue in an exciting direction for Aliens!

* From critically acclaimed writer Chris Roberson!



Adventures Of Superman #17: DC Comics: Superstar creators unite for the final issue of the series! First, a Superman/O.M.A.C. team-up as only Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude can deliver! *Then, when Lois Lane gets Superman a mystery gift for Valentine’s Day, Superman speculates with his friends about what it could be–and what he should get her in return! *Finally, Superman is confronted by a ghost from Krypton! Don’t miss out!


Aquaman and the Others Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: The Dead King leads the Others in a final assault on Atlantis to end Mera’s reign forever!


Batman Death of the Family setArmor Hunters <#4 of 4>: Valiant Entertainment LLC: That was just a battle . . . Now get ready for the war! X-O Manowar has played the ultimate gambit, and finally leveled the playing field against the villainous Armor Hunters. But the galaxy’s deadliest killers haven’t come this far just to surrender! Their final charge is now upon us . . . and it will take the combined powers of X-O Manowar, Unity, Bloodshot and the rest of the Earth’s most formidable heroes to save our world from a full-scale cosmic reckoning. The summer’s biggest crossover event is out going with a BIG bang–and, when the smoke clears, everything you thought you knew about the Valiant U will be forever changed!


Batman DeBatman Death Of The Family Book & Joker Mask Setath Of The Family Book & Joker Mask Set: DC Comics: This new collectors set includes the critically acclaimed tale DEATH OF THE FAMILY from the superstar #1 New York Times best-selling team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. Now, this seminal Batman trade paperback graphic novel is paired with a replica hand-painted vinyl latex mask of The Joker that features sewn-on hair and a white elastic band. It’s a must-have for any fan of Scott Snyder’s groundbreaking work!


Batman Eternal #25: DC Comics: With riots breaking out all over Gotham City, can Batman stop the march toward martial law?


COWL 5Booster Gold Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: Trapped out of time on a world that defies reason, Booster Gold struggles to escape the fate that has held him and so many forgotten heroes captive!

C.O.W.L. #5
: Image Comics: The end of the first arc and a huge turning point for the series! John Pierce and Geoffrey Warner square off over C.O.W.L.’s big secret, Radia faces public outcry, and Arclight resorts to lethal force . . . against one of his own.


Catwoman Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: Catwoman’s battle to be kingpin of crime in Gotham City takes an unexpected turn when Selina and Black Mask are revealed to be one and the same!


Flash Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: It’s the final showdown between The Flash and his future self for control of the Speed Force – with Wally West’s life hanging in the balance!

G.I. Joe (2014) #1
: IDW Publishing: DOES THE WORLD NEED G.I. JOE? Cobra had become an international peacekeeping force . . . and the future of G.I. JOE looks bleak. Scarlett leads what’s left of America’s ultimate fighting force-but will she be able to keep hew team together? Real-world action and politics collide . . . and nothing will be the same.


Ghostbusters 20Ghostbusters #20 : IDW Publishing: THE FINAL ISSUE OF GHOSTBUSTERS! Mass Hysteria comes to an end and the Ghostbusters discover the price of driving Tiamat from the city, county, and state of New York! But just because the Big Bad is beaten, it doesn’t mean psychokinetic shenanigans are on the wane–there’s always another job on deck for the boys (and girls!) in grey! Don’t miss the bombastically chaotic conclusion to IDW’s ghoulishly ground-breaking Ghostbusters run!


Guardians of the Galaxy #19: Marvel Comics: AN ORIGINAL SIN TIE-IN! Last we checked, Star-Lord, Thanos, and Nova were trapped in the Cancerverse . . . But Star-Lord and Thanos seem to be running around just fine. So what exactly happened to Richard Rider?


Harley Quinn Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: Harley and The Joker make it legal at last! Follow the happy couple to their secret honeymoon spot, where it’s literally till death do they part!


He-Man MOTU 17He Man And The Masters of the Universe #17: DC Comics: After last issue’s shocking ending, He-Man has been left for dead–and Hordak’s Fright Zone is set to overtake Anwat-Gar. Adora must call upon the Sorceress Teela who tells her the story of King Greyskull’s death and of the lost Eternian relic that might save her brother–The Sword of Protection! Don’t miss the action as the Origin of She-Ra continues!


Justice League Dark Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: An emotionally and physically scared Zatanna struggles to find a way to return her team and the House of Mystery itself to our own dimension – but the cost might doom them and our world!



New Avengers #24: Marvel Comics: Extra-sized issue! IN 8 MONTHS . . . TIME RUNS OUT!


Red Lanterns Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed)
: DC Comics: The ranks of the Red Lanterns have grown to monstrous numbers, and with no Blood Lake to restore their sanity, they’re terrorizing the universe. It’s up to Blue Lantern Guy Gardner to correct the deadly mistake he made!


Sherwood TX 3 01Saga #23: Image Comics: Betrayal.


Sinestro Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: Sinestro has been imprisoned by a powerful new intergalactic force with ideals based on a twisted version of his own code! Lost in a super-max prison on the far side of the universe, he orchestrates an escape…and his revenge!


Sherwood, TX #3: 12 Gauge Comics: It’s time to go on the offensive! Rob Hood and the Jesters hatch a plan to rob John Prince and free the kidnapped Mexican girls he and the Nobles have forced into their sex-slave business. Meanwhile, Maria puts her life on the line for Hood, doing everything she can to bring justice to the men who murdered his father.


Superman Futures End #1 (3-D Motion Ed): DC Comics: There’s a new, much darker Superman prowling the streets of Metropolis! But who exactly is he?



Hope that satisfied your comic book cravings!




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