Hey Towelites! 2013 is here and there are a lot of exciting things happening this year in comics, so let’s get rolling with this week’s releases that your’s truly will be reading! Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be! Throne of Atlantis is in full swing! The Age of Ultron and Trinity war are coming!! How do you feel about what happening in The Superior Spider-Man? The Joker is back and the Bat-Family is in trouble, check out DC’s Death of a Family!! Here are the rest of this weeks books @ Things From Another World.

secret avengers 1 coverBatgirl #17DC ComicsBarbara Gordon must deal with the fallout from ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ and what does James Gordon Jr. have planned for his sister, Batgirl?

Batman #17: DC Comics: This is it: The stunning conclusion to ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’! Who lives? Who dies? Who laughs last?

Before Watchmen Comedian <#5 of 6>: DC Comics: ‘Well…things got out of hand.’ And don’t miss the latest chapter of the ‘Crimson Corsair’ backup feature from writer/artist JOHN HIGGINS!
Dark Tower Gunslinger Sheemies Tale <#2 of 2>: Marvel Comics: Don’t miss Sheemie’s Tale! The invaluable link between Marvel’s Dark Tower comics and Stephen King’s later Dark Tower novels.

Fury Max #9: Marvel Comics: Fury and Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, are captured in Vietnam in the heat of the war.

Katana #1:  DC Comics: From the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and BIRDS OF PREY! KATANA is a former assassin on a noble quest to restore the OUTSIDERS to their former glory!

Secret Avengers #1: Marvel Comics: The new Nick Fury leads a covert Avengers strike team including but not limited to Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Hulk, The Winter Soldier, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson on missions so dangerous, even the team members themselves can’t know about them!

Star Wars #2: Dark Horse Comics: Our favorite characters return! Join Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie on new adventures in a galaxy far, far away!

Uncanny X-Men #1:  Marvel Comics:  The true flagship book of the X-Men returns! Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering up new mutants and redefining the name UNCANNY X-MEN.


Stay tooned :P


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