Good morning Towelites! Let’s get rolling with this week’s releases that your’s truly will be reading! Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be! The Age of Ultron is kicking the Marvel U’s collective butt, who will live and who will die!? Mark Millar has one more Kick-Ass story to tell but first check out his new series with the talented Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy! Trinity War is on its way!! Get ready from Batman Year Zero from Zach Snyder and Greg Capullo! How’s your Marvel NOW! reading list going?: Are you keeping up? Here are the rest of this weeks books @ Things From Another World.


Wonder Woman 19 coverAge Of Ultron <#6 of 10>: Marvel Comics: The heroes take the fight to Ultron with a near-broken Captain America taking the lead!


Captain America #6: Marvel Comics: THE ODD WAR OF DIMENSION Z continues! Steve Rogers is dead–long live Captain Zola!


DC Universe Presents #19: DC Comics: In this final issue, what time displaced-hero has arrived on our world-and is the destruction he brings the herald to a great disaster?


He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #1: DC Comics: First exciting issue of the new, ongoing adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!


Justice League #19: DC Comics: Who is the one person dangerous enough to use Kryptonite against Superman?


Nightwing #19: DC Comics: ‘Death of the Family’ is over, but the laughs continue to plague Nightwing. But it can’t be him-can it?


Nova #3: Marvel Comics: It’s time for Sam Alexander’s Training Day. And with the Guardians of Galaxy’ s Gamora and Rocket Raccoon in charge, Nova soon learns that old lesson ‘Practice Makes Painful!’.


Wonder Woman #19: DC Comics: What is the one way Wonder Woman can stop Orion?

Stay tooned :P

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