Good morning Towelites! Let’s get rolling with this week’s releases that your’s truly will be reading! Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be! Infinity is coming, and Thanos will destroy the Marvel U! Mark Millar has one more Kick-Ass story to tell but first check out his new series with the talented Frank QuitelyJupiter’s LegacyTrinity War is almost here!! Get ready from Batman Year Zero from Zach Snyder and Greg Capullo! How’s your Marvel NOW! reading list going?: Are you keeping up? Here are the rest of this weeks books @


Justice League 20 CoverAll Star Western #20DC ComicsThe future collides with the past in this issue as time traveler Booster Gold causes problems for Jonah Hex. And in the backup story, a never before seen Stormwatch team takes the spotlight!


Aquaman #20: DC Comics: As the Scavenger compiles more Atlantean weaponry and artifacts, Aquaman enlists the aid of The Others to help find one missing relic in the Southwestern United States before his enemies can get to it.


Avengers #12Marvel Comics: A day in the life of the Avengers. . . in the Savage Land.


Fantastic Four #8Marvel Comics: One day a year, The Thing reverts to his human form. This year. . . Ben Grimm is going to go home again — as Ben Grimm!


Flash #20DC Comics: An all-new Flash epic begins here, and the stakes have never been higher as Barry races toward a confrontation with the Reverse Flash!


Green Lantern #20: DC Comics: It’s the final battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians in this, the extra-sized finale of Geoff Johns’ historic run on the title! Plus, don’t miss a special retrospective on Geoff’s run on GL!


Justice League #20DC Comics: The PROLOGUE TO TRINITY WAR continues as a revelation about Pandora’s Box could destroy Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship!


Justice League Of America #4: DC Comics: The League uncovers the leader of The Secret Society of Super-Villains-but can such a diverse group of heroes defeat the collective might of the Society?


Star Trek Ongoing #21: IDW PUBLISHING: The hit ongoing STAR TREK series picks up right where this year’s blockbuster sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS leaves off! Don’t miss the all-new adventures of the crew!


Star Wars Legacy II: Prisoner of the Floating World #3: Dark Horse Comics: Ania Solo and her friends have been chased, blockaded, and shot at, and now they’re stuck on a world of molten sulfur all because an Imperial Knight wants them dead. Just when things seem bleakest, another Imperial Knight shows up! Is he here to help them, or help destroy them?


Superman #20: DC Comics: Hector Hammond is looking for Superman to save him from the New God known as Orion in ‘Metropolis Burning!’


Stay tooned 😛




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