Well comic book movie season is in full swing! Both Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel have been hits and Logan is about to take another swing at it in The Wolverine! So how will this play out for the comic book industry in the near future? DC Comics is hitting stands hard with both a Batman origin “re imagining” with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s Zero Year. While Superman is getting a new ongoing, also by Snyder but Jim Lee draws this one! Check out Superman Unchained! Over in the Marvel U we see the end of the Age of Ultron, and now comes Infinity! Thanos makes a triumphant return! AND FINALLY…TRINITY WAR IS HERE! Here are some highlights from this week’s releases! You can always check out TFAW.com for great pre-order deals and subscriptions!


Batman 66 1 coverAnimal Man #22: DC Comics: Animal Man is suddenly the most famous hero in the world, which is not helping matters in the Baker household-or stopping the horrifying debut of The Splinterfolk!


Avengers #16: Marvel Comics: ‘THE TWO WORLDS SOLUTION’ Prelude to INFINITY: Part Three. The battle between the Avengers and Mad Earth heats up. Whatever happened to Ex Nihilo and Abyss, and for that matter, Starbrand and Nightmask as well?


Batman 66 #1: DC Comics: Put on your go-go boots and get ready to “Batusi” back to the Swingin’ 60s as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV series in comics form for the first time! These all-new stories portray The Caped Crusader, The Boy Wonder and their fiendish rogues gallery just the way viewers remember them. In this first adventure, The Riddler’s out to steal some valuable artwork from under the noses of Gotham’s police. But Batman gets help from an unlikely source: a certain femme fatale dressed in feline finery!


Batman And Catwoman #22: DC Comics: Bruce Wayne continues to grind through his grief over the death of Damian-but is Catwoman here to help Batman or take advantage of his vulnerable state?


Constantine #5: DC Comics: As the TRINITY WAR rages around him, John Constantine takes a keen interest in Billy Batson’s power of Shazam! But does he want to mentor Billy or destroy him?


Fantastic Four #10: Marvel Comics: BEN FRANKLIN WAS A SKRULL!


He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #4: DC Comics: Eternia has been defeated! After capturing He-Man, Despara is ordered to bring him before Hordak! Is this the end of the Prince of Power?


Justice League Of America #6: DC Comics: “TRINITY WAR” part 2!


Star Trek Ongoing #23: IDW Publishing: The drumbeats of all-out galactic war grow stronger in this all-new story spinning out of the events of this summer’s blockbuster film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! The adventures of Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise continue in this latest chapter overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!


Superior Carnage <#1 of 5>: Marvel Comics: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MONTH GETS SINISTER WITH THE RETURN OF CARNAGE! KEVIN SHINICK (Avenging Spider-Man, Robot Chicken) and STEPHEN SEGOVIA (Extreme X-men, Thor) come together to create a story so grotesquely gratifying you wont be able to look away!


Thanos Rising #4 (of 5): Marvel Comics: The secret origin of Thanos. In this issue: Thanos kills a lot of people.


Wolverine Max #9: Marvel Comics: Logan leaves Los Angeles in the dust as he ventures out into the California desert. But someone is following close behind. Is it a cop? A killer? Or someone with even more sinister plans?


Wonder Woman #22: DC Comics: Welcome to New Genesis! Wonder Woman makes her first visit to Orion’s homeworld and comes face to face with the Highfather…and sees the strange hold he has over his uncontrollable son!


X-Factor #259: Marvel Comics: THE END OF X-FACTOR, part 3 of 6 One of X-Factor’s oldest secrets revealed. . . The truth about Longshot and Shatterstar!


Stay tooned 😛




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