Good morning Towelites! Welcome to another addition of C’sCC! Let’s take a look at some of this weeks highlights and what I will try to be reading! Check out your favorite books from your favorite publishers: IDW, DC, Marvel, and more! What lies ahead for your favorite superhero? What indie title are you most fascinated with this week? Head on over to for the rest of this weeks books! 
Featured Book of the Week:

Batman Beyond 1Batman Beyond Universe #1: DC Comics: The new series begins here with all-new creative teams and all-new adventure! Superstar writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing) takes on the future of the Batman universe! It’s not a secret that Kyle Higgins really cares about Terry McGinnis. This is an important thing as readers know the characters are in safe hands and it also means Higgins is going to carefully plan out each story. Besides moving things forward a year, Higgins is also ready to establish other changes. The status quo in different areas is now different and part of the fun will be in discovering what those changes are. Getting a glimpse at the new Arkham Institute should definitely be something that will pop up again. Terry’s personal life has also gone through some major changes. For any fan who loved the animated series and wants to continue reading the adventures of Batman Beyond, this series is for you!




Animal Man #23: DC Comics: In the shocking conclusion of “Splinter Species,” Brother Blood and a stunning murder have Animal Man on the brink of extinction!


Army Of Darkness vs. Hack Slash <#2 of 6>Dynamite Entertainment: Ash and his new partner Cassie Hack are on the trial of missing pages of the NECRONOMICON and their first case leads them to a prison shower, naked deadites, and an evil double! A bloody, twisted ride starring two of horrors greatest monster-mashing icons!


Arrow #10DC Comics: A deadly virus tearing through Starling City leaves the Arrow frantically searching for Patient Zero! Plus, a powerful flashback reveals Diggle’s search for his brother’s killer-and don’t miss Shado’s comics debut, as drawn by her creator, Mike Grell!


Avengers 18 coverAvengers #18: Marvel Comics: Deep in space, the Avengers join the Council of Worlds as they declare war on their cosmic invaders. The rebirth of the Skrull Empire. The first encounter with the Builders.


Batman 66 #2: DC Comics: From the sands of time and halls of higher learning comes one of Batman’s deadliest foes: King Tut! Tut returns to assert his royal status and challenge the Dynamic Duo with his most far-reaching plan yet to rule the modern Thebes, Gotham City! Also in this issue, doors smash in and jaws crack from the fists of the newest tough in town: introducing the 1966 incarnation of that reptilian rogue Killer Croc! How can Batman battle this brawny brute?



Crow Curare <#3 of 3>: IDW Publishing: Detective Joe Salk’s obssession with the dead girl culminates in this final tale of violent retribution as secrets are revealed, debts are paid and lives are forever changed.


Dexter <#2 of 5>: Marvel Comics: Dexter doesn’t just have killer instincts as a forensic blood spatter expert. He’s also murdering bad guys in his spare time as Miami’s hometown serial killer! The Dark Passenger, Dexter’s razor sharp sixth sense, is going off the charts as bodies continue to drop in Miami! Dexter can’t seem to shake crossing paths with an old high school acquaintance whose past is anything but squeaky clean.
He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #5: DC Comics: Despara’s origin revealed! Plus, Hordak tells a shocking story that will change her world forever!


TMNT 25 coverJustice League Dark #23: DC Comics: TRINITY WAR CHAPTER 5! The Justice Leagues continues to fracture as the murder of a hero is solved-and the line between justice and vengeance blurs as they head off to find those responsible!


Legion Of Super Heroes #23: DC Comics: FINAL ISSUE! In this final issue, the Legion picks itself up after the brutal attack from the Fatal Five nearly destroyed civilization across the cosmos! While some Legionaires bury their dead, others fight for the future of the Legion against a society that now doesn’t trust them. Don’t miss surprises galore in this landmark issue drawn by Kevin Maguire as the true nature of the Legion is questioned–and the future of the DCU is changed in a way you’ll never expect!



Marvel 1602 HC 10th Anniversary Edition: Marvel Comics: Award-winning writer Neil Gaiman presents a unique vision of the Marvel Universe – set four hundred years in the past! Classic Marvel icons such as the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and Daredevil are re-imagined in this intriguing world of 17th-century science and sorcery – instantly familiar to readers, yet subtly different in this new time. 1602 combines classic Marvel action and adventure with the historically accurate setting of Queen Elizabeth’s reign to create a unique series unlike any other published by Marvel Comics. Neil Gaiman’s daringly different tale has stood the test of time and spawned an entire universe of sequels – now, celebrate the 10th anniversary of the story that started it all with this lush oversized hardcover!


Rocketeer Spirit Pulp Friction <#2 of 4>: IDW Publishing: The most pulp-tastic crossover of all time continues! What is the TV Terror that threatens all of Los Angeles-and how can the Rocketeer and the Spirit hope to combat such a futuristic menace? Plus-it’s the Peevey/Dolan team, together again at last!


Sandman coverSandman Omnibus HC Vol. 01: DC/Vertigo Comics: This massive hardcover collects the first half of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed horror classic. Upon his escape from captivity at the hands of a mortal, Morpheus must deal with the changes within himself and his realm. His journey to find his place in the world takes him through mythical worlds to retrieve his belongings, the backroads of America for a twisted reunion, and even Hell itself.


Superman Unchained #3: DC Comics: Superman’s found out the secret the U.S. Army tried desperately to keep from him–or more specifically, that secret’s found him! But with hijacked drone aircraft tearing Tokyo apart, there’s not much time for mystery. . . and with Lois Lane on the case as well, what’s in the darkness will come to the light!



Superman Unchained #3: DC Comics: Superman’s found out the secret the U.S. Army tried desperately to keep from him–or more specifically, that secret’s found him! But with hijacked drone aircraft tearing Tokyo apart, there’s not much time for mystery. . . and with Lois Lane on the case as well, what’s in the darkness will come to the light!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25: IDW Publishing: ‘CITY FALL’ part 4: City Fall continues as Shredder reveals his new second-in-command: Leonardo! While the underworld readies their armies, the Turtles must come together if they have any hope of saving their brother. Don’t miss this landmark 25th issue that sees the launch of a full-scale war on New York City! The Savate, Foot Clan, and Slash are all back – along with a couple of shocking special guests!


Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #20: IDW Publishing: NOWHERE TO RUN! The end is nigh for the surviving members of the Lost Light crew, as enemies old and new move in for the kill. But on the fringes of known space, an ancient visionary is about to eliminate the Cybertronian race with a wave of his hand.


Wonder Woman 23 coverTrinity Of Sin Pandora #3: DC Comics: A ‘Trinity War’ tie-in! As both the heroes and the villains continue to hunt Pandora down, she makes a crucial decision involving the Seven Deadly Sins, one that will affect the entire world…


Wonder Woman #23: DC Comics: Wonder Woman had no choice but to abandon London to the bloodthirsty First Born–but now it’s time to take the city back! If Diana is truly War’s greatest student, then now is the time to prove it!


X-Factor #261: Marvel Comics: The End of X-Factor, Part 5 of 6! Peter David’s epic tale, decades in the telling, draws near its close. . . Sibling rivalry between Polaris & Quicksilver


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