Hey Nerds. Here’s what I’m reading this week. How ’bout you? Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be. Let me hear what you think about the big RotWorld crossover coming up?! How ’bout Marvel Now!? What will happen at the end of AvX?!  How those indie titles  treatin’ ya? Here are the rest of this weeks books @ TFAW


Aquaman #12 DC Comics: revenge is blood in the water. Who is Black Manta working for?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike #1 Dark Horse Comics: Can’t say no to a Spike book

Before Watchmen: Dr Manhatten <1 of 4> DC Comics: The story behind the true Superman

Justice League Dark #12 DC Comics: Jeff Lemire takes on the occult and his greatest adversary…John Constantine. Love it.

Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness <6 of 6> Dynamite Entertainment: The series finally ends, at least it wasn’t as bad of a spread as Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk!

Supercrooks <4 of 4> Marvel Comics: Nerd bait mash-up, Mark Millar and Leinil Yu wrap up their super villain epic