Hey Nerds. Here’s what I’m reading this week. How ’bout you? Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be. Let me hear what you think about Before Watchmen?! How ’bout Marvel Now!? What will happen at the end of AvX?!  How those indie titles  treatin’ ya? Here are the rest of this weeks books @ TFAW.


American Vampire #30  DC Vertigo: Do you like horror comics? Do you like vampires? Get on this Scott Snyder title (this means you Chaz!)

Detective Comics #1  DC Comics: The Batman vs the king of Gotham, the Black Mask!

FF #21 Marvel Comics: The Jonathan Hickman Fantastic 4  masterpiece is nearing its end!

Flash Annual #1 DC Comics: The Rogues are here to ruin Barry Allen’s day. Strong title for the New(ish) 52!

Green Lantern #1 DC Comics: The next big Green Lantern story starts here! Rise of the Third Army.

Winter Soldier #9 Marvel Comics: Black Widow has been reprogrammed! Brubaker continues this great run on his creation, the Winter Soldier