Hey Nerds. Here’s what I’m trying to reading this week. How ’bout you? Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be. Let me hear what you think about Before Watchmen?! How ’bout all of these AWESOME Marvel Now announcements!? What will happen at the end of AvX, after #11 can our minds be blown anymore?! DC’ Comics’ ZERO MONTH  continues! Here are the rest of this weeks books @ TFAW.


Batwoman #0: DC Comics: The J.H. Williams masterpiece goes back to its roots.

Before Watchmen: Nightowl <3 of 4>: DC Comics: This is currently my second favorite book of the run. JMS should be writing Rorschach, but I’ll take the guest appearances!

Danger Girl G.I. Joe <3 of 5>: IDW Publishing: When did this series come out, and how did I not buy it?! Perfect for a TPB!

Daredevil #18: Marvel Comics: End of Days is coming! This is the beginning of the biggest Daredevil story ever!

Justice League #0: DC Comics: The origin of Captain Marvel, and the seeds of Trinity War are being planted. Jim Lee is leaving this title soon so get your fill.

Wonder Woman #0: DC Comics: The best reboot of them all goes back to the beginning!


Stay tooned 😛