Hey Towelites. Here’s what I’m trying to read this week. How ’bout you? Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be. Let me hear what you think about Before Watchmen?! How ’bout all of these AWESOME Marvel NOW! announcements!? One more week until the end of AvX!  DC’ Comics’ ZERO MONTH is almost over, this week has some good ones! Here are the rest of this weeks books @ TFAW.


All Star Western #0: DC Comics: How did Jonah get that scar, find out here!

American Vampire #31: Vertigo Comics: Scott Snyder is a busy man but still continues to pump out the quality material!

Aquaman #0: DC Comics: The origin of Atlantis, Johns and Reis are departing from this title soon, get the origin that they wanted you to know!

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias <3 of 6>: DC Comics: The Comedian shows up for some reckoning!

FF #22: Marvel Comics: Those Richards kids are always getting themselves into trouble!

Flash #0: DC Comics: The Flash gets his New(ish) 52 origin story! Will they alter the origin of his powers??

Hit-Girl <3 of 5>: Marvel Comics: Hit-Girl will most likely kill a bunch of bad guys in the most violent fashion possible, and we’ll love it!

Justice League Dark #0: DC Comics: Jeff Lemire helms this supernatural title and gives us the origin of Constantine!

Talon #0: DC Comics: We can’t get enough Scott Snyder titles and DC knows it! This one spins outta the pages of his epic tale ‘Night of the Owls!

Winter Soldier #11: Marvel Comics: The Winter Soldier needs help finding The Black Widow, and Hawkeye is here to help!


Stay tooned 😛