Welcome back to another edition of CynicNerd’s Comic Cravings! Today is Chaz’s birthday so please wish him a great one! It’s kind of a light week book wise, probably so that geeks can pick up Arkham Origins this Friday! What releases are you looking forward to the most this week?? So who’s ready for the fallout from Villains Month?! Or are you on an epic space trip with Marvel’s Infinity? What’s going on over at IDW, Dark Horse, Zenoscope, Image, Dynamite, and more?! Check out TFAW for the latest titles, popular back-books, preorders and more!

Featured Book of the Week:

Absolute Joker Luthor HC cover

Absolute Joker Luthor HC: DC Comics

Two of DC’s greatest villains take center stage in this new Absolute edition from Eisner Award winning writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo! This slipcase contains two hardcovers and collects the LUTHOR: MAN OF STEEL 5-issue miniseries and the original graphic novel JOKER, along with sketchbook pages and more!



Aquaman 24 coverAquaman #24: DC Comics: Prepare for the new epic story “SCOURGE OF THE SEVEN SEAS“! All his life, Arthur’s been told that he is the King of the Seven Seas. But he’s about to learn exactly what that title means–and the dark power and legacy it carries with it. Is it possible for one man to rule every living thing in the ocean? Or is the King of the Seven Seas always doomed to die trying?



Army Of Darkness vs. Hack Slash #3 (of 6): Dynamite Entertainment: Cassie and Ash are hunted by an elite squad of mercenaries knows as The Dead Soldiers. But these aren’t just any old killers… they’re half-deadite! How will our heroes survive? How about a gory Wild West showdown, full of creative uses for mini-Ashes and tiny-Cassies?


Doctor Who Vol. 3 #14IDW PublishingDeadman’s Hand, Part 2 of 4: Clara and Calamity Jane have been shot dead by a reanimated Wild Bill Hickok–but how? And does this relate to Thomas Edison’s secret research site in the Black Hills? And why doesn’t Oscar Wilde care if he dies? Only the Doctor knows, and he’s not telling!



Flash #24DC Comics: Barry’s battle against the Reverse-Flash ends with major revelations and The Flash facing an impossible challenge!



Forever Evil Argus <#1 of 6>: DC Comics: The villains have killed the Justice League and decimated A.R.G.U.S.’s headquarters. Only Steve Trevor and the surviving A.R.G.U.S. agents can pick up the pieces and save the civilian populace from unthinkable evil!



Judge Dredd Year One TPBJudge Dredd Year One TPB: IDW Publishing: “The Long Hard Road” begins here! In an all-new adventure from Joe Dredd’s early days as a Mega City-One Judge, writer (and Eagle-award-winning2000 AD Editor) Matt Smith presents a tale where “all the young juves, carry the news,” only in this case, the news is delivered with a lethal blow!



Star Wars Legacy II: Prisoner of the Floating World #8: Dark Horse Comics: Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao’s search for Sith leads to the poisoned Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac-where their ship is boarded by pirates who have taken over the planet’s orbiting shipyards. Jao senses the dark side at work-especially when he and Ania are marked for death!



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing TPB Vol. 6 City Fall Pt 1: IDW Publishing: The latest collection of the red-hot ongoing series kicks off with Kevin Eastman’s solo issue #21, a prelude to the first three parts of “City Fall.” A normal night on the town for Raphael and Casey turns deadly when the Foot Clan appears in full force. The resulting chaos is only the first step in Shredder’s master plan!


Zombie War <#1 of 2>: IDW Publishing: When the denizens of Earth’s military cemeteries begin to rise from the dead, who will stop them? Over ZOMBIE WAR‘s two giant-sized issues, Jina, a tough-as-nails fighter pilot sets about uncovering what reanimated these heavily armed monsters and more importantly, what will stop them?! Featuring scripts and layouts by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and art by Eric Talbot (Heavy Metal), this new incarnation will present ZOMBIE WAR in full color for the first time, courtesy ofTMNT colorist Ronda Pattison!


Stay tooned 😛



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