Hey Towelites. Here’s what I’m trying to read this week. How ’bout you? Chime in on how you think this week’s books are going to be. Let me hear what you think about Before Watchmen?! Get ready For Marvel NOW! cuz you’re about to spend a lot of money to keep YOUR habit going!!  The Joker is back and the Bat-Family is in trouble, check out DC’s Death of a Family!! Here are the rest of this weeks books @ TFAW.

Aquaman #13: DC Comics: Epic conclusion to “The Others”. Who is Black Manta working for??

Captain America #19: Marvel Comics: Here it is!! The end of an era!! Ed Brubaker’s 7 year run wraps up in this issue!!!

FF #23: Marvel Comics: Another final issue!! Johnathan Hickman wraps up his run on his awesome Fantastic Four spin-off!!

Ghostbusters 100 Page Spooktacular: IDW Publsihing: Halloween and The Ghostbusters mean one super-sized comic book headed our way!

Red Lanterns #13: DC  Comics: Rise of the Third Army tie-in! Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns face annihilation!!!

Talon #1: DC Comics: Scott Snyder’s newest comic begins here, spinning out of his epic Batman storyline, Court of Owls!

Wolverine Max #1: Marvel Comics: A Wolverine MAX series!?!? Hell yes, just the way we like it ‘Bub violent and gritty!! Also featuring one of my favorite artists, Jock!


Stay tooned 😛