trance set pic

There’s few directors out there that are as consistent at Danny Boyle. His last two films, 127 Hours and Slumgdog Millionaire, both had Oscar nominations; whilst Slumdog actually nabbed the Oscar for best picture in 2008. He directed the opening to last Summer’s, Olympic Games in London; and his next film, Trance, looks to be another great piece of cinematic art.

The movie stars James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) as an art house auctioneer who gets mixed up with an art thief played by Vincent Cassel (Black Swan). McAvoy loses the stolen painting and Cassel needs the help of a Hypnotherapist played by Rosario Dawson (Sin City) to retrieve the item from McAvoy’s mind. The trailer is a completely out-of-control in the best ways possible. Check it out below!

Trance is due out in the U.K. on March 27th. It has yet to find US distribution.