Hey Towelites! Welcome back to our coverage of the epic crossover event going on over at Dark Horse Comics! Fire and Stone is going strong and I am here to discuss what happened during what I am calling “Round 2” of our story.

Elden Fire and Stone

Remember how reading the first part of the story was a little confusing? Well as I stated in my first round up, F&S find its feet and the story really gets going! With the appearance of the Ahab Predator the real hunt has begun! Reading this crossover influenced me to go back and watch Prometheus and I actually noticed some things that I missed the first couple times around.

I am really enjoying this series so far! I think it is well thought out and all of the elements have tied together very well. At first I thought that maybe saving all of the issues and then binge reading was the way to go. But trust me, read the crossover as it was released. The way that each book ties into the next and reveals little details that are explored as the story evolves is quite impressive. Stop here if you want to go into Fire and Stone fresh, below I have recapped each issue so just a warning:



Aliens #2

Year: 2179

Our refugees from LV-426 are quickly adapting to the deadly environment around them. Russell is off on his own, tracking down an energy signature. It ends up being one of the devices that the Prometheus team used to map the temple.
Aliens 2 FSUpon examination Russell realizes that they were not the first team there! Back at the main camp, there are two different ideas on what should be done. Genevieve believes that they should buckle down and reinforce the camp. While Cale thinks that they should hit the aliens head-on. No one really knows what to do and either decision could mean the end of their survival. So the argument is not resolved right away.

The team is realizing that certain parts of the planet are more infected than others with this strange phenomenon, all of this seems to be linked to the “black sludge” that the team has discovered. They are attacked again and they lose more members.   The argument begins again. Russell decides that it’s time he tells everyone about the WY device that he found. Russell tells them about the sudden change that LV-223 has experienced, millions of years of evolution in less than 100! He is starting to remind me of a mad scientist.

More time passes and the team is getting better at surviving, or rather hiding from the alien threat. Russell decided to explore on his own, of course having his own motivations. He discovers the “temple” that Shaw and her team originally found. Making his way through the it we see a lot familiar sites, but then Russell finds an Engineer! Oh just to mention that the being is still alive and in perfect hibernation!

Back at the camp, some survivors are attacked while they are fishing. The argument begins again, but no one knows the scale of what is happening around them. We all know that the “black goo” has properties capable of progressing evolution at a faster rate than usual. In the final panels of the comic we find out what the “next step” in this strange change is. The alien that took one of the fisherman has been mutated and seemingly has fused with the human it took. Some strange things are happening on LV-223!


Prometheus #2

Year: 2219

Captain Angela Foster has brought her team to LV-223 to find out what happened on this mysterious moon. Prometheus 2 coverWe left our explorers last issue as they just discovered the vessel that had escaped LV-426. Upon entry they are immediately attacked by the Xeno’s waiting inside. The team escapes, after some casualties of course, and they radio for help as they flee the scene. The xenos pursue their prey and during the chase we start to see just how dangerous LV-223 has become. There’s even alien sharks! During the chase, Francis and Elden are split off from the main group.

Back at their camp, Foster decides to tell the team the truth of why they are there and what happened to the previous team that came to explore. Hearing this, Galgo and his mercs don’t react so well, which drives a stake into the team and the division begins.

On his own, Francis discovers Russell’s cave and his research. Elden and Francis contact the team and let them know that they are ok, and what they have found. Foster and team head off to help, but little do they know but they are being watched by an Engineer! During their trek they discover a crashed ship and Galgo finds himself a gun, which if you read the first chapter of the story you’ll recognize. The tension between Foster and Galgo heats up as Galgo does not trust their leader especially after the deaths of some of his crew. Francis decides to experiment with the “black goo” so he injects Elden. Now we understand what happened to him that drove the synth to madness and homicide. I really liked this issue as it really starts to tie together a lot of the details that we were introduced to us in round one.


Aliens vs Predator #2

Year: 2219

Elden has boarded the Geryon with his xeno pets and is in pursuit of Francis. Galgo has jumped ship and has taken off in the Perses with the Ahab Predator aboard. AvP FS 2But we want to know what happens when Elden goes toe to toe with the remaining Predators, right?! While our favorite hunters don’t have too much difficulty dispatching the xenos, Elden is a whole different story. During the fight Elden proves to be quite the opponent when he starts taking down the hunters!

There is a humorous scene when one of the Predators attempts to show Elden respect for killing one of his own. Just like the movies and other stories before, the Predator marks Elden’s forehead with their symbol and then attempts to award him with a trophy. Elden refuses and walks away, the hunt for Francis continues. During the battle Elden had bitten one of the hunters and now it has begun its transformation into something… different. When it is confronted by one of it’s brothers, the hunter attacks him!

Francis goes on the offensive and sets traps for the xenos, Elden continues his pursuit but suddenly the xenos stop taking orders from him and attack! Francis has also discovered that the plants that Elden leave in his wake have the ability to help him fight off his disease. Francis is then captured by a Predator at the end of the issue. The whole Elden story starts to make a lot more sense after Prometheus #2 and I am glad that they cleared all of that up.


Predator #2

Year: 2219

I think that this may be my favorite comic from the series. Galgo’s struggle against the Ahab Predator last issue was a great battle and now that these two have an uneasy alliance, the real hunt can begin! Predator 2 FS coverI love the opening of this comic, as we are given a little backstory into the Ahab Predator and how he lost his eye. We also learn why he hates the Engineers so much. After defeating the alien that took his eye, Ahab discovers a cave with painting which are very similar to what we saw in the Prometheus movie. But instead of inspiring his to explore, it makes him made and he destroys it, vowing to kill these beings.

Flashback to current time aboard the Perses, Ahab has Galgo tied up. But that doesn’t stop the merc from talking crap to his captor. He realizes that the hunter has no idea how to fly his ship, and after some more bickering Galgo is released by Ahab. It’s time to work together, so they head for LV-223. Glago is not ready to return to the moon, when you see the last panel of this comic and read Prometheus #3 you’ll understand why.

What happens on LV-223 is pretty amazing. Galgo refuses to go with Ahab on the hunt, but the Predator chains Galgo to him and off they go. We find out that something has been hunting down the xenos and piling up their bodies. Suddenly they are attacked by some local animals of which the two dispatch quickly of, working together of course. The final panels are quite a surprise to the reader when suddenly Foster and a couple other survivors show up! They aren’t too happy with Galgo, good thing he has a new friend!

So there you have it! Round Three has already started, and things are getting crazy on LV-223! I am really looking forward to seeing what happens now that Captain Foster is alive and Galgo has returned to the moon with his new friend. From what I learned at NYCC this year, the greatest battle is yet to come!