It’s the most curious thing in the world to me that I’m reading a comic and listening to it’s soundtrack. I’ve never had an experience like this before, but that’s just what I got from Freematik’sDark Moon.’ The first issue follows a group of seven Dark Moon 1.3jettisoned survivors who escape to a far off Moon after a meteor strike destroys most of San Francisco. The people are led by Dante, a scientist who creates a portal device that transports them to this Dark Moon where their troubles are just starting to begin.

The music and sound fx made the reading experience completely unique and immersive. Freematik had a bevy of collaborators on the soundtrack, that made it cohesive and played well to the story. As I followed these travelers across the harsh and desolate terrain of this unexplored territory, I felt like I was watching a science fiction/horror film.

I enjoyed the overall story of the comic, but it was a little confusing as to which character was which. They are all in space suits so that they can survive the atmosphere, but the only one with a real “voice” was Dante. The story also seemed to move very fast. We didn’t get to learn anything about who these Dark Moon 1.4people are and at this time; just how their different personalities will play into the overall plot of the comic.

The artwork was completely incredible as it was mostly shades of dark and made to almost look like an oil painting. When you
saw lights from a scientific device or reflections from a helmet, the look is very vivid and capturing. When you see the creatures burst into the scene in bright colors of red, it plays well off the backdrop of the inky space and rocky terrain.

I can’t wait til issue #2, which Freematik is currently working on. We’ll be sure to get an interview with him and hopefully a sneak peek at the 2nd installment of the soundtrack. Make sure to learn more about Dark Moon by Liking the Facebook, Following it on Twitter, and visiting the website for your own look at this fantastic first issue.


About DarkMoonComic

Dark Moon is a new independent sci-fi horror comic which is starting with its first pilot episode this Halloween 2014. It will be available in a few different formats, both digital and print, all of which combine a traditional comic book with an immersive musical experience. There will also be a version available for free viewing, which will have a sequenced “movie feel” for fans to enjoy. After the initial pilot launch, Dark Moon is seeking a publisher to take their unique ideas to the next level.

About Freematik

Freematik is an artist/producer who has worked on mostly music and video projects, but is now obsessed with combining music and comics. Some of his more noteable works include “iMatik”, an abum made completely on an iPhone, which was widely covered by the press in 2010, as well as “Hustlevania” (ft. Rappin 4-Tay), a halloween music video hit which was featured on World Star Hip Hop and other hip hop sites in 2012.

Dark Moon 1.1