Review is of a game still in beta. The experience may (and probably will) change before final release. Review copies were furnished by the developer, who has, in no way, influenced our opinions or coverage of the title.

Like many Horror stories, it begins with you asleep at a desk, following a prophetic nightmare. You’re trapped in the woods Darkwood 1with an unknown threat lurking in the shadows.

Venturing (bravely?) beyond the trees, you come upon the darkness, but not before considering killing your dog, who is mortally wounded. But it’s not yet time to taste combat. It is also worth noting that your experience will vary from play through to play through.

The game is dark and before long, you suspect this madman stuck in the woods is not a nice person. And then you change characters. The cast of characters grows as you continue, sending you deeper into this strange place.

The crafting elements require you to build the means for your own survival — including, but not limited to torches, weapons Darkwood 2and bandages. Unsurprisingly, the supplies you will need always seem to be in shorter supply than you would need. And…well you’re going to go a little while between weapons.

And did I mention the game is hard. I can’t say I wasn’t warned: the person who sent us the key for the review version told us it would be. Hard enough that this may not be a title to sit back and unwind with, as I got REALLY angry at a particular wolf that killed me in less than a minute.

If you’re cool with being scared shite-less and have always wanted to live Saw then keep your eyes and ears peeled for this title. Bugs aside, the story is compelling, but at the moment the controls seem better suited to a controller than a keyboard.

Darkwood is from Acid Wizard Studios and currently costs $14.99. Interested in playing Early Access? Buy the game on Steam HERE. Also make sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook!


darkwood screenshot