Star Wars comic books at Marvel are off to a successful start! With the first two issues of Jason Aaron‘s most impressive run (you can check out Casey’s review here) already on stands, the second ongoing book hit this week, and it’s about none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader!

Now I just want you to know that growing up Vader was at the top of my “greatest villains of all time” list, but the prequel trilogy tarnished that a bit. There are elements from that story that I am ok with, but overall they diminished the respect I had for the galactic badass. Well I’m here to tell you that the way he is represented in the new Marvel series has refueled my love of the character!

One of the plot points (minor spoilers) is the fallout after the destruction of the Death Star. Vader has a lot to answer for to his master, the Emperor, especially since he is one of the only survivors of that disaster. Darth Vader 1 panelThere is another classic, and unexpected, character who survived as well, but I won’t ruin it for you. But from what I can tell, he’s going to be a thorn in Vader’s side.

Kieron Gillen, whose impressive writing resume includes titles such as X-Men, Thor, and Iron Man, delivers a great story filled with classic characters, political intrigue, and of course violent lightsaber action! The plot also intertwines with what Aaron is doing in his book, but gives us the perspective of what’s happening from the Empire’s point of view. When it comes to the hunt for the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, and now the “boy” who is carrying his old lightsaber, Vader will stop at nothing to get answers!

The art is provided by super-star artist Salvador Larroca, who I actually prefer over John Cassady interpretation in the Star Wars ongoing. Larroca has been working with Marvel since the early 90’s, so you know that the company has great faith in the guy when it comes to their work. Larroca knows how to draw lightsaber combat, and his action scenes are amazing! This is one book I won’t mind picking up every two weeks!

You can pick up Darth Vader #1 now in comic shops or order it from our favorite online store! You may also be able to track down some of the many variant covers as well! Check them all out below!Darth Vader variant collage