It’s been a long run, but Forever Evil is finally over! I have been taking a look at the current series of Crime Syndicate action figures from DC Collectibles all month. Owlman is my final review, next month I will be taking a look at some figures past and present, once again from DC Collectibles. I have overall really enjoyed the figures I picked up, of course the fact that they worked with Gentle Giant Studios on these doesn’t hurt. Owlman has always been my favorite of the group, how does this guy stand up to the others, let’s find out?


Owlman New 52Owlman and the Crime Syndicate are native to Earth 3, a universe where villains, not heroes, are the dominant force. It was revealed in Justice League #23 that the Crime Syndicate of America has been behind the Secret Society of Super Villains’ plot, and have been preparing since Darkseid’s invasion to take Earth Prime for themselves. Owlman’s butler, The Outsider concieved a plan to bring his master from Earth 3. Following the success of their plan, Owlman and his compatriots cross the barrier between the universes and step foot on Earth Prime.

His first appearance was in Justice League #23.4 where it is revealed that his parents were murdered by their butler, Alfred Pennyworth. It is mentioned that he killed Talon’s parents and after telling him, runs away. Owlman goes after the Joker, who gives him Talon’s body, each limb wrapped in a different box. Alfred confronts Owlman about the death of his sidekick and questions if he was with Superwoman again. The Joker poisons Alfred using Joker Venom, but is quickly cured by Owlman. In rage, he picks up the clown and throws him off of the building into a Helicopter propellor. The Syndicate sends the Outsider and Atomica to Earth Prime where the two seek a way to form the Secret Society of Super Villains for the arrival of the Crime Syndicate.



The usual, yet undeniably superb, window box on these figures is one of my favorites. The blue on this one in particular really helps his lenses to stand out. Again, an appropriately colored cardboard backdrop is included, and you can remove it for displaying the figure, or for picture-taking. These figures are made for collectors, the box is easily opened and the figure removed, I am sure I can repack him just as well. The front comic book “flap” is another great touch, reminding you of what company you’re dealing with!
DC Collectibles Owlman
I was pretty excited to finally get to Owlman, he’s my favorite of the lot and I want to put him on my DC Shelf after this review. This is another great sculpt by Gentle Giant, though a simple enough paint job, the figure is made to look muscular in a very subtle way. But there are some flaws to the paint, and this is the first figure in the series I’ve had any problems like this with. First, his chest is kind of sloppy. There are drops of silver paint on his suit and his chest emblem has some issues. This is the same for his belt emblem, all of it unfortunately stands out when looking at the figure. Another issue, the nose. There is too much flesh color added to under his mask that it makes it appear as though he has a pointed nose! It wouldn’t be so bad due to most of it being underneath it, if it wasn’t for the fact that the tip of his nose is flesh color. This is an easy enough fix, but yet again, the paint app issues with this figure are very noticeable.

What really impresses me about this figure is the cape and cowl. Owlman’s helmet looks amazing, and has nice detail, including their eerie blue lenses that give him an “empty” look. The helmet is all part of the head sculpt, but below that, they do a decent job making the look with the flow as it becomes a soft plastic cape. It matches well with the back of the helmet, almost reminding me of Watchmen, or even Griffith from the Beserk anime. I feel that DC Collectibles missed out by not including a gadget or two with this guy.

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This line has some amazing articulation, and that’s what happens when you let Gentle Giant do their thing. Here’s what you get with Owlman:
– ball-joined head
– ball-hinged shoulders, swivel biceps
– hinged elbows, ball-hinged wrists (side-side swivel)
– hinged torso
– ball-hinged hips, swivel thighs
– front-back hinged higher and lower knees, and ball-hinged ankles

I am kind of confused that some of these guys had a swivel waist and some did not. I am not a big fan of having only a hinged torso. Again the combination of the swivel bicep and hinged elbow is not one of my favorites. I think it looks funny when you pose it and I would prefer a rotation in the elbow area instead. Other than these minor grumbles, this guy is very poseable. I love the double hinged knee, it is one of the best things to happen to action figures! The head has great movement as well. I thought that maybe because of the shape of the helmet, that it would hit the cape. Again the lack of an accessory, not having something to center the pose on can be kind of boring.

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I love this figure, I just wish that the paint had been a little cleaner. I give DC Collectible Super Villains Crime Syndicate Owlman 3.5 Stars out of 5. If it wasn’t for the paint problems I would have ranked it much higher, and most of the articulation issues I can live with. He also needed some accessories, so I don’t have to put him in endless boxer poses. Owlman has Owlrangs, doesn’t he?! Nonetheless, this entire series is a great update from my original DC Universe Classics 5-Pack. Not to mention that the fact that they worked with Gentle Giant made it that much better. I had my doubts when I got the Deathstroke (he was a present), but he was my first figure from DC Collectibles. I will be reviewing him next month so I won’t get into the details, but these Crime Syndicate figures are like a jump to the future compared to that guy! I am excited to see what DC Collectibles has in store for us down the road!

This wraps up my first series of DC Collectibles action figure reviews! DFAT will be expanding its coverage in June when we take a look at a couple of the other figures in the Super Villains line, and of course the Greg Capullo Batman!

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DC Collectibles Owlman: B-