Metal Men

We are slowly getting all of our classic characters introduced into the mainstream New 52 DCU. Back in issue #16 of Justice League, Geoff Johns teased us with the mention of Dr Magnus and his Metal Men. And now in issue #18 Platinum will be introduced, no news yet if the rest of the line-up will be appearing.

Justice League

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Mister Miracle

WTF bi-fold cover month is delivering the goods, and DC is giving us another New Gods character! The adopted son of Darkseid himself, Mister Miracle is on his way to us even if it is in another Universe! I think this is a great idea and can only lead to an epic crossover at some point in the New 52 DCU!

earth 2 11 cover

Vengeance of Batman

thumbnailGrant Morrison told CBR that his recent decision to kill Damian Wayne is nothing like the Jason Todd arc:

“I got asked about the Jason thing up front back when I did my first interviews, and it never really came up again. And that was really weird, It was kind of like Jason Todd was one of the most awful things to ever happen in comics, and is this the same thing again? But Jason Todd died because a bunch of people called on the phone, and Damian died because his creator decided to do it. It had to fit into the story and have a certain effect. Damian was built to die in the same way that Xorn was built to be Magneto, even though people still don’t believe me. And I think that’s the real distinctive difference between the two. Damian was created to occupy a space in an ongoing story in a way that Jason Todd wasn’t.”

The Unknown Soldier

The Vertigo Comics character The Unknown Soldier is making the jump from Vertigo to the New 52. Fans of the character are concerned due to the last Vertigo character to make the switch was Constantine, who had his back story overhauled, unlike Swamp Thing who didn’t loose much of his! No word which way this will swing but the upcoming WTF cover for issue 19 is pretty bad-ass!

Suicide Squad 19 cover


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