Batman and …….


If you haven’t heard about what happened in Batman Inc #8 last week, and you’re a comic fan, then you know that the current Robin, aka Damian Wayne, aka Bruce Wayne‘s son, was killed off as Grant Morrison is wrapping up his run at DC. Though we know we will see the return of Damian at some point because not even Jason Todd stays dead, and his mother’s side of the family has some obsession with the Lazarus Pit or something, we will def be seeing this fan favorite in the future. I love it when they decided to finally make an action figure for a character and then kill him off before it’s even released. Anywho now that half of the team is missing in Peter Tomasi‘s Batman and Robin series, who is going to help Bats out on a monthly basis? Well at least for now it’ll be the rest of the Bat-family. Here’s a list of the upcoming issues and the team ups.

#19 — Batman and Red Robin
#20 — Batman and Red Hood
#21 — Batman and Batgirl
#22 — Batman and Catwoman
#23 — Batman and Nightwing

I was hoping for more of a Brave and the Bold approach but for now I’ll take it. Anyone else find it kinda weird that Tim Drake was never Robin.


Man of Steel Unchained

Remember the awesome team-up by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee on the not so-awesome, because I don’t even think that Snyder can make Supes interesting, tie-in book to this summer’s blockbuster movie Man of Steel? Remember how it was supposed to be titled Man of Steel, well now it’s not. The new title will be Superman Unchained, striking to the core of all comic fans memories of that classic picture of Superman breaking the bond of chains, I guess. Anyways don’t forget that this year is the 75th anniversary of Superman so don’t expect the movie and new comic to be the only merch floating around. Happy 75th Supes, no one cares. Superman Unchained comes out this June.

superman unchained


Pandora?pandora new 52

Who is The New 52‘s mysterious lady? Pandora has been popping up in most of the 52 issues since the beginning but now it seems like she is headed for her own series Trinity Of Sin: Pandora by Ray Fawkes and Daniel Sempera. She has defeated the Phantom Stranger so she’s no joke!  Whatever the plan is for the character, this book WILL have major effects on the rest of the DC Universe!  Here’s what Fawkes had to say to CBR about his new series:

“Pandora was presented to me with a certain set of parameters, yeah, but Jim, Dan, and Geoff were shockingly open to my interpretations of her, her purpose, and her m.o. when I pitched my vision of the series. This was not a case of top-down dictation by any stretch, and while I had to keep my eye on her intended purpose, I was encouraged to go all out in making Pandora into someone I would be excited to write about.”

“To end the undying curse that she believes she never deserved, and to make everyone who ever had anything to do with saddling her with it pay, and pay, and pay. Her time of ‘tears, shame, and isolation’ are over. Now it’s time for violence and rage. She’s spent thousands of years crossing the globe, over and over again, hearing her name cursed for all the evils of the world. She carries this unfathomable guilt and this searing anger with her — guilt because she may very well be responsible for all this suffering, and anger because she thinks she never had a chance to avoid unleashing it. She has reason to believe the game was fixed. So she’s had all the time in the world to crawl through every kind of shame and pain and remorse you can imagine, and she’s come out on the other side of it with a strong, pure sense of purpose. Is that going to lead to more trouble? Yeah, of course it is. But trouble for whom?”

What do you think Towelites, sound like something you can get behind? The Trinity of Sin branding will continue when Phantom Stranger gets stamped with it, but where is The Question and when is he coming to our favorite new DC Universe?!

Stay tooned 😛




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