DC is a smart marketing machine, they seem to find ways to keep us buying their multiple titles, and Villains Month this fall is no exception. This time around the bad guys take the spotlight and each New 52 title will feature that hero’s antagonist as the title itself along with the numbering going back to #1!! What else does DC have in store? Well besides 3-D Motion covers and a villain-centric mini series stemming outta Trinity War entitled Forever Evil, here are some details on specific books:


The Flash

Barry Allen may be fast, but will he be quick enough to evade the evil plans of his most dangerous enemies?! In September, The Flash will be published with 3 different numbered issues featuring Reverse Flash, The Rogues, and Gorilla Grodd!


Superman and Action Comics

When I say every….I mean EVERY!! Superman sure has a lot of enemies and ge will have his hands full this time around! Check out the gallery below featuring all the different covers that will be coming our way ALL four weeks of September!


Earth 2

The Nerdist scored an exclusive interview with Earth 2′s Paul Levitz who will be penning Villain’s Month‘s Desaad #1! Check out the covers from the 1 issues being featured! Solomon Grundy is back again, but I am excited to see New Gods torturer Desaad take center stage! Hit the link to read the interview in full!

N: You’ll be writing DeSaad, who is, by all accounts, a cruel bastard. Where does he stand now in the New 52 continuity? 

PL: DeSaad’s an interesting bastard…he’s been one of Jack Kirby’s most interesting villains for DC, but hasn’t really had a chance to show his inner inhumanity.  The New 52 version is even more chilling looking than the original, as we’ve seen in recent issues of Worlds’ Finest, and his #1 reveals how he came to Earth and what he’s doing here.  It’s fun to write a story whose first dialogue line is, “So this is how Lucifer felt.”

N: What goes into writing a compelling villain? Do you find it’s more difficult to put them in the spotlight than a more traditional hero-type? Or are they both two sides of the same coin?

PL: Villains and heroes definitely aren’t two sides of the same coin in my book.  While we may all want to be heroes in our own story, the choices we make and the things that move us define us… and DeSaad is not only a villain, but an evil god, a personification of qualities that we hate.



Stay tooned 😛



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