Legendary artist John Romita Jr will be joining the DC Comics team this summer as he and superstar writer Geoff Johns will take over creative duties on Superman! Romita just got done working on the Red, White, and Blue over in the Marvel Universe, aka Captain America, and is best known for his work on Spider-Man and Kick-Ass. This news comes to us via a special announcement from DC All-Access as Johns and Dan DiDio dropped the news with Romita.

This is definitely exciting news for the title as it has had some problems gaining popularity. There have been numerous creative team changes since the beginning of the New 52 for Supes so hopefully with this big announcement DC can sell some books. Johns has had the “golden touch” when it comes to revitalizing titles as his runs on Green Lantern and Aquaman have brought them back into the spotlight, so hopefully the same can happen for the Big Blue Boyscout!



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