Flash_0001Listen I was definetely disappointed after the news that a Flash movie would be hitting theaters in 2016 turned out to be fake, or is it? The interesting thing about how this is starting to play out may be DC’s best strategies yet. The idea here is that the DC Trinity would be introduced through films. We’ve already seen Man of Steel, and now MOS 2 has been revealed to be a Batman/Superman movie so naturally the next step after that is a Trinity movie. Why not. DC doesn’t seem in any rush to throw their universe on us at the theaters. BUT on the TV we see the exact opposite, and the fans love it. Arrow isone of the most successfully shows ever on the CW, and that’s in its first season. Arrow also offers us a new take on the character of Oliver Queen as it borrows elements from Green Arrow Year One and Smallville. So this upcoming season was revealed to be called City of Heroes, and so far the characters revealed have been good. But here’s the goodie, Dr Barry Allen will be appearing in an episode come season 2 and eventually become a re-occurring character! CW President, Mark Pedowitz and writer,Greg Berlanti confirmed that after an origin story told in Arrow, we will see Flash get his own TV show! The Wonder Woman show, Amazon, is now at a stand still as the Flash takes the “Fast-Track” to our livingrooms! I think they are going to save Diana for the big screen intro. Look for Barry to show up in three episodes this season, and Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns would be writing the episodes. We all see where this is headed, thank you Geoff Johns.

ArrowI believe what will happen is that DC will spend a good amount of time and money putting lesser known characters into these show to make people more familiar with them. Why not Flash, Cyborg (well Teen Titans helped with him), Green Lantern, who knows! Don’t forget that the Flash had his own TV series back in the 90’s, check out this DFAT Far-Back Fridays! I love the character, I just got done watching the latest animated movie by DC and Warner Premier, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. A movie that is pretty loyal to the source material, is very entertaining, and brutally violent. Look for my review later this week. The crazy thing is the Flash hype doesn’t end there! The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Greg Berlanti is also attached to a Flash movie that is headed to the big screen in 2016! So which is it my friends? Are you about to tie everything together, because if you do, it would be most impressive. More to come…


Stay tooned 😛

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