Green Lantern and Young Justice CANCELED!

It’s kinda funny, well not in a humorous way, but more in a walk in and break someone’s arm HAHA! type of situation! Today we get a trifecta of bad news on the DC Entertainment front. First up let me get the most saddening (at least to me) part of my rant out of the way because the other two tidbits are not as surprising as this. Apparently Cartoon Network doesn’t have a full understanding of what is popular on their sh&&*y channel because they are canceling two, TWO, great shows. When I first read about that Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice would not be included in the summer line-up, that they would be replaced by the new Beware the Batman show and the childish revamp of Teen Titans, I said to myself “well maybe they will be switching off season by season”. Well apparently I am TOO optimistic! Head on over to Newsarama for the full report, including an official confirmation from GL showrunner Giancarlo Volpe. What does Cartoon Network have going for itself now? Nothing, Clone Wars is on its way out due to the Disney buyout, so there ya go a channel filled with crappy cartoons. Eff you Cartoon Network and DC Comics, NO ONE is going to watch the new DC Nation, including me. I will just pirate the Beware the Batman episodes online, that’s of course if they are even good. Show looks like shite.


Amazon gets the push!

You would think that with the success of Arrow that the CW and DC Comics would want to get a jump on another show ASAP and feed off the success of the Emerald Archer. People are dying for more comic book related entertainment so what does the CW decided to do with the new Wonder Woman show? Push it to next season. I can see one advantage to this, get it closer to the release of Justice League. The excuse that is being given is that, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the network is not happy with the script that was handed in by writer Allan Heinberg, so who knows. All I know is I’m still pissed about the GL/YJ news that anything being pushed off or being “second thought” is going to piss me off even more! Let’s hope that this show doesn’t fizzle out like the first attempt at a WW show did, that would pretty much seal the deal on any future interest in launching anything based on the character! I’m going to go and watch the animated movie, at least someone got it right!


Justice League movie’s future relies on the ‘Man of Steel’

Superman must save the day! That’s of course if any of us want to see a Justice League movie or ANY movie based on any DC property in the near future. Now wait a minute is that a threat?! Are you telling me if I don’t shell out some cash to see Man of Steel you will hold all the other properties hostage?! Get an effin clue DC and Warner Bros! Let’s take Green Lantern for example, the failure is yours! You let a sub-par director and writer helm this flick and you blame the audience for the failure!?!? I have an idea, why don’t you go to Marvel movie making school and learn something! Even with all the “good” elements in the GL movie, it was still a failure because you couldn’t tie it together properly! You take yourselves TOO DAMN SERIOUSLY!!! The Dark Knight Trilogy?? Christopher Nolan made that money for you!! They’re not even Batman movies, you all should be ashamed for putting the character into that mess! Seriously you think that a Justice League movie is EVER going to happen when you throw stipulations like that out there?!?!? You have no faith in your properties unless its some guy dressed up in a rubber bat suit who grumbles at villains!!!! Have fun living in Marvel’s shadow.

Next thing you know they’ll cancel Arrow….better go knock on some wood.

Stay tooned 😛


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