So the first wave of reviews are in for director Zack Snyder and scribe, David S. Goyer‘s Man of Steel. The press ban has been lifted and the reviews are out there! I am going to try and stay away from all of that this week as the release of the film looms before us common folk.
But that doesn’t mean that I am not paying attention to the news, and with the apparent success of Man of Steel, a sequel has been greenlit, and we know what this means, Justice League will move forward. But the news doesn’t stop with Snyder getting his wish to do another MOS film, it has been confirmed by sources over at Deadline, that David S. Goyer will write not only the follow-up to MOS, but Justice League as well! Will we see Snyder take the reins on JL as well?! So what do you think Towelites?!? Are you pumped for Man of Steel hitting theaters this week?! I’ll let you know how I feel within the week!

man of steel banner

See it this Friday!!

Stay tooned 😛



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