Interesting news here, coming in 2014 legendary writer Paul Dini will be putting out a grraphic novel featuring the fishnet wearing talents of DC Comics heroines, Black Canary and Zatanna. An interesting team-up, two characters on opposite sides of the spectrum. It has been 7 long years since the announcement of the project, so I hope that DC actually dishes on this one. This story will exist outside of the current New 52 canon, maing it the only other story since the “reboot” besides Batman: The Judas Coin, to do so. Black Canary is definetely one of my favorite characters so I am excited to see where Dini takes this one. Maybe putting it in the 90’s-2000’s DC Animated Universe! Who knows… what we do know is that Dini is writing, Joe Quinones is on art, and its 94 pages, look for this one in May next year!



Via: Comics Alliance

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