All good things must come to an end, and some have new beginnings. First up today, news broke earlier this week that Wonder Woman creative team (since the beginning of the New 52), Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will be moving on from the title. Replacing them will be artist David Finch, best known for his work on the recent Forever Evil, and his wife Meredith Finch. I have been onboard with this title since it started and I love it. It has painted Wonder Woman in a whole new light and opened her up to discovery for a whole new generation of fans.

But it looks like the new creative team will be making a departure from the Greek Mythology aspect of the story that Azzarello has built up over the past few years. The Finch’s will be concentrating on the relationships between Wonder Woman’s Amazonian family and the Justice League. I am looking forward to this new direction, as I think it is important to now establish those ties in the New 52. Especially with a Wonder Woman movie on the horizon. I love David Finch’s artwork, he is one of my favorites in the industry. I am not too familiar with Meredith Finch’s work, as this will be her first ongoing comic book. Look for the new team to start on the book come this November in issue #36!

David Finch Wonder Woman



I thought it was really strange that the original New 52 Deathstroke title was canceled after only 20 issues. Especially considering the talent DC had working on the title, names including Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett, Justin Jordan, and comic legend Rob Liefeld. But with the character’s growing popularity thanks to appearances in Arrow, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Son of Batman, Deathstroke has once again taken center stage as one the great DC Comics anti-heroes. Look for the new title to hit stands in October when superstar writer Tony S. Daniel takes over with art by Sandu Florea!

Deathstroke DC ComicsImage courtesy of MTV News


Finally today some sad news. Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino will also be leaving the hooded vigilante, Green Arrow, behind this October. Taking over will be Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and show writer Ben Sokolowski with Daniel Sampre (Batgirl) on art. I guess it makes sense to let Kreisberg take on the comic, but at the same time I like that the two stories are separate. Then again, remember that Lemire introduced Diggle to the DC Universe for the first time during his run. The new team promises that the comic will still tell its own story but be more of a “cross-pollination” of the TV show and Green Arrow mythos.

I was not a big fan of the book in its initial New 52 run. But when Lemire took over in issue #17, I was instantly hooked as he took the story to a whole new level! I’ll give it a shot as Green Arrow is one of my favorite titles and one I pick up regularly, and I love the show. Look for the new creative team to start their run starting with issue #35 on October 1st!

Green Arrow DC ComicsImage courtesy of LA Times