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Barbara Gordon Batman Arkham Origins

Another classic character has joined the cast of the highly anticipated video game, Arkham Origins. Barbara Gordon, who eventually becomes Batgirl has been confirmed by the photo above to have some sort of part in the story. I love her jacket as it alludes to the eventually addition of the Birds of Prey. Man how awesome would it be to play as either Batgirl or Black Canary in these games. Also confirmed to be returning is mutated bad guy, Killer Croc. Check out this awesome 20 minute video of actually gameplay as well, courtesy of IGN!

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Desaad Justice League War

Bruce Thomas is no stranger to the DCU! He has played Batman a couple of different times, in the TV show Birds of Prey and also for some OnStar commercials , he also voiced Atrocitus in the Green Lantern animated movie, Emerald Knights. But this time around he will be playing someone a little more evil, well a lot more evil. In the upcoming animated movie, Justice League: War, Thomas will be playing the classic New Gods villain, Desaad. Thomas joins Jason O’Mara as Batman, Alan Tudyk as Superman, Christopher Gorham as The Flash and Steve Blum as Darkseid in the movie, which is expected to come to Blu-ray, DVD and digital download in early 2014.



We have had one 2014 DCU LEGO set confirmed and it looks like more news is rolling in from the toy maker. Two pics of rumored minifigs have made their way onto the internet, Batgirl and what looks like to be the Joker from the Tim Burton film.

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Here is the rumored list of 2014 sets, nothing has been official announced from the following, but it would be nice to finally get my hands on a Nightwing minifig!


The Penguin Face-Off (76010) – Minifigures include Batman, the Penguin, and two robot penguin henchmen. Batman comes with a jet-ski type vehicle and the Penguin has a duck-like flotation vehicle like the one in Batman Returns. This set is the smallest set of the wave.

Man-Bat Attack (76011) – Minifigures include Batman, Robin, and Man-Bat. Batman’s vehicle is a Batcopter looking vehicle. This is a small-to-medium sized set.

The Joker Steam Roller (76013) – Minifigures include Batman, the Joker, a possibility of Nightwing, and two other villains. Batman has a jet with wings that have similar functions as the Republic Striker-class Starfighter (9497). The Joker has a Steam Roller with a lot of colors.
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