Well it has finally happend, to my ultimate dismay, and many other Aquaman readers out there, Geoff Johns will be stepping off of the project. Since the begining of the New 52 and even as far back into the battles of Flashpoint and his adventures in Brightest Day, Johns has had total creative control on the classic character! Johns has brought this previously made-fun-of superhero back into the cool guy gang, proving that Aquaman was more than just a guy who talks to fish. Johns will end his story arc Death of a King in issue #25. Here’s what Johns had to say via Twitter and also in an interview with IGN!



IGN Comics: I’m bummed, man!

Geoff Johns: Yeah, I am too! I absolutely love Aquaman and the character has been a passion since Blackest Night. That was 2009, so I’ve been rebuilding the character and reintroducing him through Blackest Night, Brightest Day, and Aquaman for a little over four years now. What I wanted to do was build that character and his world, first with Ivan [Reis] and then with Paul [Pelletier], and it’s been great.

Head on over to IGN for the rest of the interview!


So who will be taking on the King of Atlantis next? His name is Jeff Parker and he is currently the writer of the Batman ’66 series, also known for a deep history in various comic worlds, it will be interesting to see if the book remains as popular now that Johns is gone. Look for Aquaman #25 hitting stands November 27th! You can preorder it here!

Also long-running duo from the start of the New 52, The Flash creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are also leaving their title at issue #25! What a change-up for the current 52 titles! It will be interesting to see the changes that new comers will bring to the deep seas. It is listed that Christos Gage (Thunderbolts) is writing a standalone issue #26, so no solid on who will be in for another run! Manapul and Buccellato did reveal that they would be sticking around the New 52 on another unanounced title, for now. Keep it here for any news regarding the Scarlet Speedster, especially as we get closer to the premiere of Arrow season 2!

Stay tooned 😛


Aquaman badass

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