Warning: Spoilage Ahead

If you don’t want to know what happens at the end, and in the wake of Forever Evil I suggest you stop reading now.

For those of you who are still with us, let’s talk the fate of Nightwing.  Many people, including myself, have been concerned about what will happen to Dick Grayson when DC Comics‘ mega-event Forever Evil wraps up this May. The way it looked, Nightwing was headed to the grave, especially when they cancelled his book with issue #30. In Forever Evil, Dick Grayson is captured by the Crime Syndicate and his secret identity is revealed to the world, then he is seemingly murdered.

forever evil nightwingBut killing a character has become way too easy and I actually like the solution that DC Comics has come up with this time around. Instead of killing off this super popular character they are changing who he is in the comics. Revolving around the Batman Inc. concept, Dick Grayson will become a secret agent and fight evil behind closed doors in the upcoming series, Grayson. Written by Tim Seely (Hack/Slash) and Tom King (a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer), Grayson will paint the character in a whole new light. Working for an organization call Spyral (created by Grant Morrison) this will give Grayson a chance “to take off the mask and step out on his own in a world where he’s not simply being another hero like the hero he grew up with”, says King.

Nighting Grayson DC Comics

Unfortunately for his friends and family most of them will not know that Grayson is alive and kicking, well of course except for Batman. “He’s doing something that’s going to cause pain to his friends and family, but he believes in the cause. That tension between having to do something good but having the cost of it being pain to his family, it drives him a little crazy”, King explains. We will also see a change in Grayson’s uniform, as he will be shedding his Nightwing alter-ego. Artist Mikel Janin (Justice League: Dark) has been tasked with giving him more of a super-spy look and we will see a return to the classic black and blue colors that Nightwing had going on before the New 52 happened, also look for a “G” to be on his chest that will remind readers of the classic “R” from his Robin uniform.

Via: USA Today

Grayson hits stands on July 2nd.