Maybe you’re not a big fan of how comic book continuity works, maybe it’s too complicated for you to remember down to the finest detail of what happened to your favorite hero five years ago and how it ties into the story line that is taking place currently. Maybe the various amount of universe reboots have you in a tizzy! I myself am a big fan of stories that take place out of continuity or what have been called Elseworlds tales made famous by DC Comics. This format allows us as readers to step outside the normal boundaries of comic book story telling and gives the writer a more creative structure when building their story. Well DC Comics has decided to take another swing at this with the up coming Adventures of Superman series. The comics will be offered as a digital-first series written and illustrated by various talents and will be available starting in January. Check out the cover from the first arc titled “Exposed“.

Adventures of Superman Exposed



We are excited to announce a new slate of creators and artists for our popular digital-first title ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Each story celebrates the Man of Steel in a unique and interesting way based on the take of each creator. Check out the schedule below:

January 6 – “EXPOSED” 1/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 13 – “EXPOSED” 2/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 20 – “EXPOSED” 3/3 – B. Clay Moore & Gabriel Rodriguez

January 27 – “THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING” 1/2 – Max Landis & Jock

February 3 – “THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING” 2/2 – Max Landis & Jock

February 10 – “THE COMING OF…SUGAR & SPIKE–?!” 1/1 – Fabian Nicieza & Phil Hester

February 17 – “ONLY CHILD” 1/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

February 24 – “ONLY CHILD” 2/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

March 3 – “ONLY CHILD” 3/3 – Ron Marz & Evan “Doc” Shaner

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN digital-first comic series will be released every Monday. Get the latest AOS comics here or catch up on the previous releases all for $.99 each.



Via: DC Comics

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