Forever Evil is coming!

War wages in the pages of the DC Comics Justice Leagues titles as I write! Trinity War is underway and a three teams will battle it out until…the Villains win?! Coming straight out of the result of Trinity War comes Villains’ Month and the next big DC Event Forever Evil! Coming this fall the villains are taking over our favorite titles, some titles are featuring more than one villain, so you have to collect them all! Especially when each cover is a 3-D motion image! I can’t wait, I’ve order some of my favorites, as they are all going back to the #1 numbering! Anyways it seems that every character will be affected by this event and DC has come up with a slogan for each title: “When the UN_________ Happens”! So what will these UN-EVENTS be!? Well one of them looks like the death of Nightwing, a rumor that has been bouncing around the internets for awhile now, something I would be upset if it does happen. Then we see the return of a face from the past, perhaps in Green Lantern? The silhouette shown on the 2nd cover looks to be long deceased GL, Katma Tui, the replacement of Sinestro when he went bad. Tui died back in the 80’s and hasn’t made the return to mainstream except if you count Blackest Night! We will have to see, but be assured that Forever Evil will make its mark on the DCU!

Villains Month starts this September!!

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Harley Quinn Gets her own book!

Hey Harley Quinn fans! Are you ready for a new ongoing from our favorite insane psychiatrist?! Since her start in Batman: the Animated Series, and her first appearance all the way back in ’99, Harley Quinn has been a fan favorite!!! So its no surprise that DC would make an attempt to give Harley her own New 52 title, I mean why not, Vibe has one right!? Anywho, the pages of Suicide Squad were not enough to express the antics of this clown So Harley will be seeing her own ongoing. No time frame has been set on the book but I Imagine that we will be seeing it around the time Villains Month and Forever Evil are hitting stands. Head on over to CBR to read the exclusive interview with writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (Before Watchmen, Batwing)!

Harley Quinn Comic Sereis



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