DC Comics’ next big event will be the high anticipated Trinity War. Originally thought to have something to do with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman alone, it has been revealed via the above image, which will be the 3 interlocking covers of Justice League #22, Justice League of America #6, and Justice League Dark #22. Hero Vs Hero, with a few new faces, one being Dr Light. The character will be making his/her first appearance in the New 52 and no one is really sure who will don the costume. The character of Dr Light has had two incarnations in the past, one being Arthur Light, who was a villain, and the other Kimiyo Hoshi who was a heroine in the old continuity, who played a huge part during the epic Crisis on Infinite Earths. Seeing that the picture depicts all heroes battling each other, some conclusions can be drawn about which side Dr Light will be fighting for. With the upcoming Trinity of Sin tie-ins and the new ongoing Pandora series, it looks as if these books will act as the prelude to the “War”. Its about time we got to the story finally seeing that it was teased a year ago at Free Comic Book Day, the consequences of the confrontation of The Phantom Stranger, The Question, and the Trinity of Sin will lead to an all out superhero battle! Trinity War gets underway this July, preorder it at TFAW.com!


Stay tooned 😛


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