In 1988, DC Comics took a streetwise, cigarette smoking magician named John Constantine and gave him his very own title, thus Hellblazer was born. Originating in the pages of Alan Moore‘s Swamp Thing, Constantine gain his popularity through the macabre tales that Jaime Delano and John Ridgeway wove each month. In 1993, the title was moved to DC‘s newest venture Vertigo where Hellblazer has had a home for the past 20 years…..20 years! With writers like Warren Ellis, Brian Azzarello, and Andy Diggle adding their own perspectives to the character, Constantine has had many great voices over the years. Ok…ok, I am a fan of the New(ish) 52, and I think that DC has been doing a great job in regards to its horror titles…but come’on. 20 years, what a run….Constantine has been a “constant” in the current DC Universe ever since Swamp Thing showed up during the epic Blackest Night/Brightest Day, and has been showing up in Animal Man and Justice League Dark in the New 52 DCU. The series will launch in March with Robert Venditti (The Homeland Directive, Demon Knights) writing and Renato Guedes (Superman) serving as artist. Oh and I get an awesome Constantine DCUC figure this month, so things aren’t all so bad…..

Stay tooned 😛