It’s no secret that DC Comics owns television. With two hit shows already on the air and a plethora of projects in development, us comic fans are in for some real treats in the future! It was announced this past weekend that both Arrow and The Flash are being renewed! Arrow will be headed into its fourth season, while The Flash will be going on its sophomore year. There’s still no word on what will be happening with Constantine and with Gotham doing as well as it has, along with getting a full season order, it looks like this Batman origin show will be renewed as well. But both of these shows are standalone series’, unlike Arrow and The Flash which exist in the same universe. It was also announced that we will be seeing a team-up of these two heroes as a regular season occurrence! No real surprise there after the success of the two-part arc that took place this year.Arrow The FlashSpeaking of said universe, The CW and Marc Guggenheim have announced that a Vixen animated series has been greenlit! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the character you can read her bio here. The show will air on the networks digital platform, The CW Seed. But the biggest news about this news series is that it will exist in the world of The CW shows! Check out the two promo images released by the network over the weekend!

I love that DC is expanding its success into their animated world, especially after being super-successful with their animated movies. Look for Vixen to premiere this fall!

TitansOn the rumor side of things, there’s a pretty good chance that the in-development TNT show Titans may be able to exist in the same universe as well! Technically TNT is a subsidiary of Time Warner, aka Warner Bros, so this means that we could some major team-ups down the road. Some more salty rumors out there also revisit the idea that Steve McQueen (The Vampire Diaries) may be in the running for the role of Nightwing. The actor has previously campaigned for the role and he is now officially leaving The Vampire Diaries after this season, leaving his agenda open. Of course this is all speculation as of right now, but remember this Tweet that he sent out not too long ago? Keep up that campaign!

Nightwing Steve McQueenWell there you have it Towelites! All the DC Comics TV news that you can handle on a Monday! Don’t forget that DC also has Supergirl, Krypton, and Static Shock (another animated show) currently in the works, along with working to get a ton more shows greenlit. What say you about the presence of DC on TV? Sound off in the comments below!