Towelites! It’s time once again to take a look at what’s happening in the DC Cinematic Universe!

Constantine Slider

What happens when you put a character on network TV that smokes? He has to quit. One of the major traits of the snarky mage Constantine is that he’s always smoking. Always. But it looks like the showrunners of this fall’s new supernatural drama will have to find an alternative to the classic look.

No Smoking


See. SMOKE FREE! A healthy Constantine, is a happy Constantine. Wait that doesn’t make any sense.


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A behind the scenes pic from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice of Henry Cavill popped up on Twitter this week with him standing next to the Clark Kent chair. Is this the look he will have as the Man of Steel‘s alter-ego? Whatever the case may be, it’s exciting to see anything from this highly anticipated film! Here’s the description that was posted with the pic:

[box_light]“A treat for a Monday morning for all our #HenryCavill fans. Henry is a great supporter of the @RM1664Challenge!” said the tweet. Cavill is pictured wearing a brown trench coat and suit, and holding up a T-shirt that promotes the Royal Marines’ epic charity race, the 1664 Challenge. The actor is notably standing near a director’s chair that bears the name “Clark.”[/box_light]

Clark Kent Batman v Superman


Gotham Slider 2

Hey Towelites! Which of you are headed to SDCC this year?! Well if you are, FOX will be premiering the pilot episode of Gotham at the big show! As usual fans get an early sneak peek of some the coolest Geekly shows and movies and FOX is not going to miss the opportunity to get people talking about their show. Even though I think the only thing that will save it would be Batman getting in a time machine. You get the idea.

Graeme RevellIn other news, composer Graeme Revell will be taking on the score of the crime drama. Revell has worked with showrunner Danny Cannon on CSI: Miami with creds on films like Daredevil, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, From Dusk till Dawn, and Sin City.


Arrow Slider 2Finally today, some major casting news for the upcoming third season of Arrow! Looks like we will be seeing another Batman familiar in Starling City! Devon Aoki, best known for her role as Miho in Sin City. She will play Katana, aka Tatsu Yamashiro, and will be one of Oliver’s mentors during his time in Hong Kong. Katana recently had her own run in the New 52 books and she was/is a main character on the animated series, Beware the Batman.

Arrow Katana