Towelites! It’s time once again to round up the latest news from the DC Entertainment Cinematic Universe!

The Flash Slider FinalA familiar face, or should I say voice to DC fans will be joining the cast of The Flash this fall! Clancy Brown, who really needs no introduction, has been cast in the role of General Wade Eiling, also known as “The General“. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Clancy Brown The General Flash

Brown will play General Wade Eiling, also known as The General, the head of a black ops army team pursuing Plastique (Kelly Frye) in the hopes of using her as a human weapon. Described as a tall and imposing man, with “a face carved from years of duty,” Eiling is fanatically intent on protecting American interests around the world and may have ties to a central Flash character.

Will The General remain a “good guy” or will he become the monster that we better know him as?! In the comics and animated series’, Eiling has acted as both ally and enemy to our heroes.

Clock King Robert KnepperSpeaking of villains, The Clock King played by Robert Knepper in Arrow last season, will be showing up in Central City! The villain is set to make his appearance in the episode prior to the Arrow crossover. But he won’t be alone! Clock King will be teaming up with a unannounced new villain to the universe! Who do you think that could be?! Sound off in the comments!

Gotham bannerI think one of the aspects of the upcoming FOX crime drama, Gotham, that I am most looking forward to is the story behind Arkham Asylum. Now that it has been announced that Hugo Strange will indeed have a major role to play in the development of this famous facility, it will be interesting in seeing what direction they head with this. Nonetheless, has our first look at Arkham from the show! What do you think?! Looks pretty authentic to me!
Gotham Arkham Asylum
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Slider

Some more videos and pics from rogues out  in the field, show off the car chase scene involving Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne. Check out his double, ha looks just like him! It is interesting to note how old Bruce looks in this version. What do you think Towelites?! Any of you luck enough to be in Detroit?! Sound off in the usual place!!

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne Batman v Superman 01

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne Batman v Superman 02

So there you have it! The latest from DC Entertainment! If you have any pics or videos from the sets of these amazing productions share them with us! Join the Towelite Nation!!