Looks like DC Comics fans will have plenty to be happy about when it comes to their favorite characters on TV. After the uber-success of Arrow, we are seeing a new wave of comic book shows. Gotham, already picked up by Fox, is now joined by two more heroes!

NBC has moved forward with granting supernatural superhero John Constantine a full series. A DC Comics favorite, Constantine centers around the detective, master of the occult as he battles for humanity and his own soul. Matt Ryan (Layer Cake) plays the title character, who can be seen in a brand new pic below:

Constantine 01


Via: The Hollywood Reporter

Grant Gustin The Flash CW TV ShowLook quick or you’ll miss him! Or probably not because The Flash has also been picked up for series. It’s great to see these shows at least getting a first half to full season. A spin-off of Arrow is sure to be very successful, especially in Berlanti and company keep up their usual antics! Looking forward to the days of show crossovers!

So this fall we will be watching a show that takes place in Gotham City, Central City, and Star(ling) City. I wonder if Constantine will be more of an international show or will he be poking his nose around some familiar sites.