Towelites! Some awesome news has come out of SDCC regarding DC Comics’ Fall TV slate!

Arrow Slider 2

Well it looks like Ra’s al Ghul is going to be the big bad of season 3 of Arrow! Check out this extended trailer from SDCC, this time featuring additional footage that almost shows off the leader of the League of Assassins! Head to the 2:32 point in the trailer for the new footage!

The third season of Arrow premieres on The CW on October 8th!

Constantine Slider

Everyone else is getting a trailer, why not Constantine?! The NBC supernatural drama got a great SDCC trailer showing off all sorts of new footage! David S. Goyer gave fans some insight in to what to expect in season 1! After the sighting of the Dr. Fate helmet in a previous trailer, Goyer told fans that was a “clear indication” of what they were planning to do. Look for the Newcastle Crew, along with Papa Midnight, and don’t forget that they have been heavily indicating the appearance of The Spectre! This show is getting better by the minute!

Constantine premieres on NBC starting October 24th!