On August 22nd, DC FanDome is set to blow our minds. The event was already pretty epic with what they have planned, including more from Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut. Then they dropped the guest list and wow IT IS INSANE! You can TRY and watch the trailer below and see who’s on it. There are some sites out there listing every name so take a look. I do have a couple things to say:

  1. Ray Fisher is UNSURPRISINGLY absent from the list. Good.
  2. Val Kilmer is on it. Nicole Kidman is not, EVEN though she has a current relationship with DC. In fact, no other major player from that film is at the event. Why? This year marks the 25th anniversary of Batman Forever and also the death of Joel Shumacher, makes me believe that they will announce the rumored Director’s Cut. Finger’s crossed.

The ultimate 24-hour experience for the world’s greatest fans is almost here! Explore every corner of the DC Multiverse on August 22. https://www.DCFanDome.com #DCFanDome